How to Shave a Duck’s Mustache Without Making a Mess

Some ducks are born with a mustache, but some may have to grow one. So if you happen to be raising ducks for show or slaughter, then this article is for you! The following tips will help teach you how to shave a duck’s mustache without making a mess.

Here are the steps required to shave a duck’s mustache:

1. Prepare your area by putting newspaper down.

This will help protect the surface you are working on and make it easier for clean-up afterward. It’s best to do this in an open garage or outside where messes won’t be a problem.

Once everything is set up, gather all of your shaving supplies together, including:

– Duck

– Scissors

– Clippers

– Towel

– Shaving cream (optional)

– Razor

2. Cut the duck’s mustache off as close to the beak as possible with scissors.

This will help to make the job easier for you when it comes time to use the clippers and razor. If you are having trouble cutting all of the hair at once, try trimming it in small sections until it is completely shaved.

Be very careful when trimming around the beak, as you do not want to cut your duck’s skin accidentally.

Once the mustache is cut off, wipe away any loose pieces of hair on your duck with a damp towel. This will help prevent clipper blades from getting gummed up while you shave him/her.

3. Wash the area that you just cut with water.

It’s essential to clean off any loose hair or dirt before shaving your duck; otherwise, it will get caught in the blades of your clippers and/or razor, which can lead to a very frustrating job!

Be sure to wipe away any water that may drip down into the duck’s eyes as this is particularly painful and can cause injury.

When finished, dry off your duck’s face with a clean towel. It is now time for the shaving cream if you choose to use it!

4. Apply shaving cream to the area that you are going to shave.

This will help lubricate the skin and make it less likely for the razor to snag on stray hairs. If you don’t have shaving cream, you can use a very small amount of baby oil or olive oil instead.

Rub the shaving cream/oil into the mustache area and then wait a few minutes for it to soak in.

The longer you wait, the easier the shaving process will be.

You can also use a toothbrush to help spread the cream/oil around and get into all of those tiny nooks and crannies.

If your duck has a particularly hairy mustache, you may want to apply an extra thick layer of cream/oil.

Just be careful not to get any in his eyes!

5. Use your clippers to shave the duck’s mustache.

Be sure that you use a new blade or at least change out the old one when finished with each section to prevent any snagging on stray hairs. It is best not to press down too hard while shaving, but rather let the blades do all of the work for you!

If you need to, use your fingers to pull apart some of the larger hair while shaving to get a more even and smooth cut.

This is also why it’s important not to apply too much pressure with the clippers!

Continue shaving until all of his/her mustache has been completely removed. If stray hairs remain, you can use a razor to shave them off carefully.

Be very careful when using a razor as it is easy to cut yourself if you are not careful!

When finished, rinse the duck’s face with water and dry off with a towel. You’re done! 🙂

6. How to use a razor instead of clippers

If you prefer to use a razor instead of clippers, that is an option as well!

Just be aware that it is a more difficult process and can result in nicks and cuts if you’re not careful.

Here are the basic steps:

– Wet the area to be shaved with water

– Apply shaving cream (or oil) to the mustache

– Use a razor to shave off the hair, taking care to avoid cutting the skin

– Rinse away any leftover cream/oil and dry the area with a towel

The duck’s mustache should be completely gone after you’re finished!

If there are still some stray hairs, just use your clippers to get rid of them. If this is not within your skillset or comfort zone, it may be best to take your duck to a professional groomer. 🙂

Here are some things you should avoid when shaving your duck:

Do not apply too much pressure with the clippers or razor.

This is a good way to cut your duck’s skin, leading to infection.

It also increases the chances of getting nicks and cuts when shaving around sensitive areas such as beaks, eyes, etc.

So just let the blades do all of the work!

Do not try to shave a wet duck.

Ducks are covered in feathers, which makes them very slippery when wet.

This increases the chances of you slipping and hurting yourself, as well as making it difficult to get a close shave.

It is best to wait until your duck is completely dry before starting the shaving process.

This will help to avoid any accidents and make the shaving process much easier.

Do not use a dull blade on your clippers or razor.

This can cause injury and make the shaving process much more difficult due to snagging and pulling of hair, which leads to even worse skin irritation.

So be sure that you change out the blades when needed to prevent any unnecessary injuries! 🙂


Shaving a duck’s mustache can be tricky, but it shouldn’t be too difficult with these tips.

Just make sure to take your time, avoid applying too much pressure, and use a sharp blade on your clippers or razor.

When finished, rinse the area with water and dry off with a towel – you’re done! 🙂


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