How to Give a Space Alien a Bath: An Extensive Guide

Let’s face it, space aliens are out there and need our help! Whether they accidentally crash-landed their spaceship for the day, are here for a diplomatic mission, or are hibernating in your basement, one thing’s for sure – all extraterrestrials need cleanliness! To help you take care of your newfound friends, we’ve assembled this ultimate guide to giving a space alien a bath.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

The first step to any bath-related mission is a supply run! Depending on your guest’s needs, you may need to pick up a few essentials.

To get started, some universal basics to have on hand include shampoo, soap, a washcloth, a bath mat, towels, and a selection of bath toys (if your alien friend is under 5 feet tall).

The key for any successful bath, however, is being prepared for anything. So make sure to scope out any special tools you may require, such as body-size bubbles, 12-armed scrub brushes, or a double-headed hairdryer.

It also isn’t a bad idea to have some munchies for after the bath, just in case your little alien wants to snack on something out of the ordinary. Think: delicious alien treats like zigzag pretzels, chocolate sauce-coated cheeseburgers, and crescent-shaped cupcakes!

Step 2: Sanitize the Tub

Before towel drying and duck-taping anyone in, make sure your bathtub is sparkling clean. This may require some tedious scrub-down work – but trust us; it’s worth it!

To get started, switch on the tap and start filling up your tub. If you want to go the extra mile and make your alien’s bath special, try adding in some colorful bath salts, scented foam, or even a few drops of essential oils.

After the tub is three-quarters of the way full, be sure to check the water temperature. If you’re feeling really adventurous, you could even build a makeshift Jacuzzi using bubble blasters, hot stones, and a couple of hover-rafts!

Step 3: Detoxifying Treatments

Now that you’ve got the perfect atmosphere for a relaxing spa day, it’s time to move on to the fun stuff!

To protect your alien’s delicate skin, it’s best to use a gentle nourishing soap or shampoo. Also, be sure to avoid any alien-toxic products like bubble bath, bleach, or marine-scented scented oils.

For the really funky alien-problems, why not offer a revitalizing detoxifying treatment? Who knows, it might just work!

Step 4: Hair Care

Now for the best part – grooming! After ensuring your alien’s skin is clean, shiny, and ready for the universe, let’s focus on giving them the best look for outer space!

Chances are, space aliens may have an interesting array of hair-related features such as spikes, antennae, wings, tentacles, or horns. So, depending on their unique style, you’ll want to select the perfect shampoo or conditioner.

Also, don’t forget the extra trimmings; depending on their desired look, they may need a little assistance with the blow-dryer, space gel, or a 12-handed airbrush. Make sure to keep a flea comb, tweezers, and glittery hairspray nearby, just in case!

Step 5: Skin Maintenance

Don’t forget that aliens need some love and care too! To ensure a long-term glow, it’s a great idea to use a moisturizing lotion or cream.

Additionally, many aliens require specialty treatments for their unique skin. After all, their home planets may be extremely dry or suffer from extreme levels of pollution – so you’ll want to make sure they have the best night cream and daily scrub.

For the brave few, you may even want to invest in some space sun-tanning sessions!

Step 6: Accessorize

Every stylish space being deserves a few accessories to show off its unique personality. So shop for the trendiest shower caps and towel sets. Space aliens also enjoy splurging on bright bath soaps, star-shaped sponges, floating boba cups, and mini-spacecrafts!

Step 7: Have a Fun-Filled Adventure in the Tub

Now that all the preparations are complete and everything is ready to go invite your alien friend to hop into the tub!

Let your furry intergalactic friend cheer up and enjoy! Whether they want to dive into a scavenger hunt or take off on a bubble-blasting race, encourage your alien buddy to embrace their childhood wonder and let loose in the tub.

Oh, and don’t forget your camera – a picture of a space alien in the bathtub sure would be fun!

Step 8: Reward with Delicious Treats

When the bathing is done, reward your alien with a selection of delicious alien treats! Whether they enjoy zigzag pretzels, chocolate-coated cheeseburgers, or crescent-shaped cupcakes, make sure to indulge them in an out-of-this-world snack.

Nothing’s more comforting than a hot bubble bath, followed by a delicious belly-pleasing snack!


And there you have it – you’re now ready to give a space alien a bath! Don’t be intimidated; it’s all a journey of exploration, with plenty of laughs and memories along the way!


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