20 Ways to Tell if Your Neighbor Is a Space Alien

If you’ve ever wondered if you have a space alien living next door, this is the perfect guide for you. Here are 20 ways to tell if your neighbor is an extraterrestrial being:

1. Your neighbor has green skin

Green skin is a common sign of alien life, but it’s not 100% accurate. Some aliens have other skin tones; some human beings also have green skin. You should carefully consider all the different possibilities before you make a decision about your neighbor, and take into account that some aliens are shapeshifters who can change their appearance at will.

  • Your neighbor has blue hands and orange feet. This is a very common sign of alien life for the species Krotahaqnaqiuwahanaqagharhahauwahehaioohehaaoxa! (This species name is pronounced “Krot-ah-HAH-knak-yuwuh-nuhk-uhg-guhruh-. . . huh,” but most people call them the Krots.) Blue hands and orange feet can be a rare sight in humans, but if your neighbor has this combination, he or she is almost certainly an extraterrestrial being from another planet far away—and they might be dangerous, so extra caution is advised! Other signs of Krots include:
  • Having no nose on their face
  • Ear lobes that are attached to their head by a string or strap instead of by cartilage
  • A tail with white spikes on it

2. Your neighbor has a big head

The heads of space aliens are often many times larger than their bodies, and your neighbor’s head may be disproportionately large in comparison to other people’s. It may also have a cartoonish look, like it was drawn with big eyes and an elongated neck for animation purposes. In fact, it might not even fit through the doorways of your home or apartment if you invite your neighbor inside!

3. Your neighbor has large eyes

If your neighbor’s eyes are much larger than yours, something is definitely up. For example, if you have tiny, beady eyes and your neighbor has massive eyes that take up most of their face, they could be an alien who comes from a distant planet where large eyes are a sign of beauty and authority. They might also have several sets of eyelids to protect them from the harsh light on their home planet. If you suspect that this may be the case with your neighbor, there are several other signs to watch out for—for instance:

  • Your neighbor’s eyes are always wide open. Even when they’re sleeping or relaxing, it will seem like their pupils never close. Why? Because unlike human beings, aliens don’t need to sleep in order to rest—they can recharge just by standing still for a few minutes!
  • Your neighbor’s eyes look like they are glowing. Since aliens come from different planets where the sun may give off a different color of light than ours does, their bodies may reflect this colored light in interesting ways—including in the form of glowing pupils! While this might seem freaky at first glance (especially if your neighbor likes walking around without clothing), it’s just proof that they aren’t from our solar system… which might explain why they spend so much time gardening at odd hours instead of watching TV with friends like we do here on Earth!
  • Your neighbor has more than 2 eyes. This one is pretty self-explanatory but still worth noting because it could be an indication that there is something unusual about how many organs aliens have compared with humans.

4. Your neighbor is always wearing a strange outfit

It’s one thing to be a fashionista—it’s quite another to show up to the neighborhood barbecue wearing an outfit that resembles a disco ball. If your neighbor is always sporting outfits that would make Lady Gaga blush, he might be an extraterrestrial. Here are some clues that your neighbor has simply stepped out of a UFO:

  • The clothing looks like it came from back when our ancestors were swinging from trees (or, alternately, from the distant future)
  • The clothing has strange patterns and colors
  • The clothing is very tight-fitting
  • The material doesn’t appear to come from any animal or fabric you recognize

5. Your neighbor never leaves their house

If you’re considering that your neighbor may be an alien, it’s possible that you’ve never seen them outside of the home. If this is the case, you can try to find a way to check out your neighbor’s house when they aren’t around. Does their living situation look like something out of a science fiction movie? Is there no bed in the bedroom? Are all of their possessions hidden inside cabinets and drawers so you can’t see them? Answering yes to any of these questions could mean there’s a space alien hiding out next door.

6. Your neighbor’s house is always dark

One way to tell if your neighbor might be an alien is to look at their house. Is it always dark? You can’t see in through the windows, and no lights are shining out of them either. If your neighbor’s house is always in complete darkness, it could mean they’re using a special kind of light-blocking material on their windows that would keep all light from coming out of their house.

Another possibility, though this seems unlikely, is that your neighbor doesn’t ever use lights at all! They may have discovered some other source of illumination—like bioluminescence—or perhaps they’ve adapted their eyes to see in low- or no-light conditions. Could you imagine how cool that would be? It would save so much money on electricity!

Unfortunately for us humans, we need some amount of light to read by and complete our work… but still: pretty neat trick if true!

7. Your neighbor has strange symbols on their door

The door to your neighbor’s home is covered in odd, indecipherable symbols. You’ve seen these symbols before, but can’t quite place where you’ve seen them. Perhaps they’re a warning not to enter? An invitation to come inside? The markings of an alien race intending to take over the planet? Whoever or whatever they belong to, it’s clear that your neighbor is going out of their way to keep people away—and that alone warrants a deeper investigation.

8. You’ve never seen your neighbor during the day

More evidence is needed to definitively prove that your neighbor is, in fact, a space alien; however, this could be the clue you’ve been waiting for all along. Space aliens are nocturnal creatures who only come out at night to avoid detection. They are afraid of sunlight and are most active when the sun is not out. If you’ve never seen your neighbor during daylight hours and he/she/it always stays up past midnight watching mystery shows on TV—bingeing one after another—then there’s a chance that he/she/it could be an extraterrestrial from another planet.

To confirm the suspicion once and for all, we suggest going over to your neighbor one afternoon and asking him/her/it if he/she/it is a space alien (which may be difficult if it does not speak English). If this fails, do some further research on what space aliens look like by visiting your local library or checking Google images online.

9. You’ve heard strange noises coming from your neighbor’s house

You’ve heard strange noises coming from your neighbor’s house. If you think extraterrestrials have moved next door and they’re having late-night parties, it’s time to get suspicious. But before you jump to conclusions, check around the neighborhood to make sure there isn’t a known noise culprit in your area. If you live in an urban apartment building, for example, it’s possible that sounds are getting muffled or distorted as they travel through walls and floors.

Meanwhile, if you live in a more rural setting, don’t forget about animal sources of noise. Dogs barking and goats bleating could be the culprits behind strange thumping and screeching noises—as long as you can identify the source of the sound, you know where to look for answers!

10. The grass in front of your neighbor’s house is always dead

While it isn’t likely that your neighbors are getting their lawn care tips from outer space, it’s worth noting that a lack of sunlight, unusual moisture levels, or any kind of chemical spray can lead to the unfortunate death of a grass lawn over time. Additionally, strange lights (e.g., a laser beam that randomly emerges from the ground), slow-moving orbs moving through the sky at night, and mysterious sounds or smells coming from your neighbor’s home or yard could indicate an extraterrestrial presence as well. If you notice any disembodied voices or floating objects near your neighbor’s house (keep an eye out for those at late evening hours), those may also be indicators that they have some sort of supernatural activity occurring on their property outside of our realm of understanding.

11. There are no cars in your neighborhood that ever visit your neighbor’s house

Do you ever notice cars driving into your neighbor’s garage? Do you ever see cars parked in their driveway or in the street nearby? No? Then this is a red flag. The only logical explanation for why there would be no cars outside of your neighbor’s house is because they don’t own any cars—which, in turn, implies that they don’t drive anywhere, either (at least not in a car). However, if they leave the house each day at 7:00AM and return at 5:00PM with groceries, it must mean that they get around somehow. What other means of transportation could this possibly be other than flying to work and back accompanied by a fleet of clones each day? There are none—so keep an eye out for any suspicious-looking flying objects hovering above the house.

12. You once saw your neighbor floating in mid-air

You might have seen this from your kitchen window one day and thought, “Wow! That’s cool!” But when you went outside to ask how they were accomplishing that, the neighbor said it was a secret. Now, could this be an honest-to-goodness magical power? Sure—but consider that the neighbor also said they were a witch who used magic spells to make people fall in love with them, but then you caught them using Tinder. So yeah…

13. The lights in your neighbor’s house flicker in a strange pattern

Have you seen a flickering light in your neighbor’s house? Maybe the lights are different colors or flicker in a pattern that repeats over and over. They could even be flickering in different rooms at the same time.

This is the aliens telling you they have arrived on Earth!

14. You’ve seen strange creatures lurking around your neighbor’s property

If you’ve seen strange creatures lurking around your neighbor’s property, they could be anything from space aliens to Bigfoot. The most common space aliens are Reptilians, tall scaly lizard-like creatures with yellow eyes and a disdain for humanity. But there are also more humanoid types like the Greys from Zeta Reticuli, who have pale white skin and large black eyes.

Either way, chances are that if you’ve seen them slinking around your neighbor’s garden shed at night or skulking about the edge of their property dressed in trench coats and hats, hiding behind bushes and peering through fences with binoculars, then there’s a good chance that he or she is an alien.

15. Your neighbor has asked you strange questions about Earth

If your neighbor has asked you questions about Earth, gravity, the sun, the moon, and the stars, then this could be a sign that your neighbor is secretly a space alien! Space aliens often ask questions…because they are from space. You may have never been to space (as far as you know) and so if your neighbor asks you questions about space then it might be because he or she is from there…or maybe not.

16. Your neighbor has offered you food that looks like it’s from another planet

If your neighbor has offered you food that looks like it’s from another planet, and eats it themselves, or mixes it with a strange substance (say, milk) before eating it, this is a good sign that they may be an alien.

Food that is cooked in a strange way (for example, on a large grill) without any kind of smoke coming out of it and with no sound from the flames can also be a clue.

Food that is not made from any animal or plant that you recognize can be another indicator—aliens are known for their creative uses of plants, but if the thing you are being offered doesn’t look like anything you would usually eat—or if it seems to be moving when you look at it—you should keep an eye on your neighbor.

Brightly colored food should also put up some red flags: aliens have been known to use plants and animals both as sources of food and as dyes to make their meals look more colorful.

Finally, strange textures or tastes could also indicate extraterrestrial origins: there have been reports of aliens using spices in their cooking which result in unusual tastes for humans: saltier than normal meat; vegetables which taste sweet instead of bitter; even foods which appear at first to be raw but actually cook themselves inside your mouth!

17. You’ve seen your neighbor talking to thin air

You’ve seen your neighbor talking to thin air. If you catch your neighbor having conversations with no one in particular, there’s a chance that he may just have an invisible friend. Then again, it could also be a ghost—or a space alien!

Here are some example things you might have heard your neighbor say:

  • I’m going to take out the trash. Maybe I should put on another sweater though? The weather is looking slightly inclementous today—but then again, it depends on how you define “inclimentous” (or maybe this is just something your imaginary friend says!). What do you think? You can really trust his judgment when it comes to matters of the weather.
  • I wonder if I locked the front door before leaving for work this morning? Did I put any chicken in my lunch bag when I went back inside to get my wallet? Is there more than one ATM on this side of town? Oh great! This conversation always helps me clear up my thoughts and makes sure that I didn’t forget anything important before heading out the door.
  • Oh sorry, where were we again? Oh right, that dream about riding a flying unicorn through outer space while eating marshmallowy pizza crusts covered in shrimp scampi sauce was pretty wild last night!

18. Your neighbor’s house is always incredibly clean

You know that house around the corner that looks like it was specifically designed to belong in a magazine spread? The one where you can see your entire reflection in the windows, even if it’s raining. Yeah. That house is owned by an alien. It’s probably the house of an alien president.

Space aliens are obsessed with cleanliness, so they always keep their houses spick and span at all times. This is particularly evident when they’re planning to bring other aliens over for dinner: any odd or extraterrestrial-looking objects in the house will be tucked away prior to their arrival, and every surface will remain spotless until those visitors have left for home.

19. You’ve never seen your neighbor sleeping

If you spend your life outside of your apartment, you may find that your neighbor is a bit antisocial. And if he or she never leaves the building—absolutely no movement whatsoever—it’s likely they’re an alien from Alpha Centauri. I can tell because, not only do I never see my neighbor sleeping, but I don’t even know when he sleeps and when he doesn’t! That is to say, the poor guy either does nothing all day or does everything at once. He must be tired by nightfall.

20. Your neighbor has a strange aura about them that makes you feel uneasy

You might feel uneasy in your neighbor’s presence because of their aura. An aura is a field of light that surrounds all living things and is visible to some people. While there are many reasons why a an alien might have an unpleasant aura, one of the most common is that they are not acting in ways that align with their true selves. For example, if you tell your neighbor that you’re having trouble with your cat, and they respond by saying “I don’t like cats,” but you can tell they actually do like cats, this dissonance creates an imbalance in their energy field which in turn affects yours. If this happens often enough, the disharmony that accumulates can be sensed and can cause an alarm reaction when you encounter them again—this alarm reaction manifests as uneasiness or even fear.

If this sounds like your neighbor’s behavior, there are steps you can take to clear up the disharmony:

  • Asking them directly about why their energy seems imbalanced (for example: “why are so nervous around me?”).
  • Focusing on sending them positive thoughts to balance out the negativity (for example: “may my neighbor be at peace”).
  • Performing spiritual practices such as meditation or prayer to clear any negative energy you’ve taken on from them (for example: “Om bhur bhuvah svah tat savitur varenyam bhargo devasya dhimahi dhiyo yo nah prachodayat”).


There you have it! If your neighbor exhibits any of these behaviors, there’s a good chance they’re an alien from another planet. But don’t worry—with a bit of knowledge and awareness, you can ensure that your relationship with your neighbor remains peaceful and harmonious. Start by being polite, and if you ever suspect that they are not acting in accordance with their true selves, be sure to speak up. Good luck!​


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