29 Unusual Ways to Use a Plunger

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, gather ’round for a plunge into the unknown! Today, we’re diving headfirst into a world of unexpected hilarity and sheer absurdity, and our trusty companion on this journey? The plunger! That’s right, that humble household tool you usually reserve for bathroom emergencies is about to become your passport to a universe of creativity and laughter.

Forget about its conventional role for a moment, because we’re about to unveil 29 Unusual Ways to Use a Plunger that will leave you in stitches and, hopefully, inspire you to look at everyday objects with a new perspective. So, fasten your seatbelts (not literally, because plungers don’t come with seatbelts), and prepare to be entertained, enlightened, and maybe even a little baffled by the unconventional brilliance of the plunger. Welcome to the wildest, most absurd, and downright hilarious plunger-powered adventures you never knew you needed!

1. The Salad Spinner Salsa Maker

Let’s kick things off with a culinary twist. You might not associate plungers with your kitchen, but trust me, they can be surprisingly handy. Take your trusty plunger, give it a good wash (no, we’re not making salad in a dirty plunger), and use the bowl-like shape to mix up a fresh batch of salsa. Just throw in your tomatoes, onions, cilantro, and spices, and plunge away! It’s like a salad spinner on steroids, and it’ll have you saying, “Who needs a food processor?”

2. The DIY Paint Roller

Got a wall that needs a fresh coat of paint, but you’re too cheap to buy a fancy roller? Fear not, because your plunger has your back. Simply attach a paint roller to the flat rubber surface, dip it in your favorite color, and start rolling. Your walls will thank you, and your friends will wonder if you’ve become the Picasso of home improvement.

3. The Ultimate Unclogger…of Clogged Sinks

Okay, this one is pretty standard plunger usage, but it’s worth mentioning because it’s the classic. When your bathroom sink decides it’s the perfect time to play “who can hold the most water,” grab your plunger and go to town. A few plunges later, and voilà, your sink is flowing freely again. Just remember not to mix this plunger up with the salsa-making one from earlier.

4. Plunger Plong – The Next Olympic Sport

We’ve all seen the fancy pole vaulting and synchronized swimming at the Olympics, but have you ever thought, “What this event really needs is a plunger?” Well, maybe not, but it turns out plungers can be used for some DIY sports. Set up your plunger on a smooth floor and try your hand (or should I say, plunger?) at plunger plong. Slide, glide, and attempt some impressive maneuvers that’ll leave you questioning your life choices. Warning: Not recommended for actual Olympic competition.

5. The Stress Reliever

Feeling stressed? Forget those expensive stress balls; grab your plunger instead. Just squeeze the handle and marvel at the satisfying suction sounds it makes. It’s like a soothing symphony for your frazzled nerves. Plus, you’ll get a forearm workout that’ll have you looking like Popeye in no time. Who needs a spa day when you have a plunger?

6. The DIY Dent Remover

You know that annoying dent in your car door that’s been mocking you for months? Well, the plunger is here to save the day again. Wet the rubber edge of your plunger and press it firmly onto the dent. Pull back with all your might, and watch in amazement as the dent magically pops out. Your car will look brand new, and you’ll feel like a superhero with a plunging sidekick.

7. Plunger Percussion – The Unconventional Drum Set

If you’ve ever dreamt of becoming a rockstar but couldn’t afford a drum set, your plunger is about to make your dreams come true. Arrange a few plungers of various sizes, grab some wooden spoons, and start banging away. Your neighbors might not appreciate your newfound talent, but hey, you’ve got to practice somewhere. Soon enough, you’ll be ready to take your plunger percussion act on the road.

8. The Garden Hose Water Cannon

Water fights are a timeless summer tradition, but you don’t need to invest in expensive water guns. Grab your garden hose and a plunger, and you’ve got yourself a water cannon that’s ready to drench your opponents. Just attach the plunger to the hose, aim, and let the aquatic warfare begin. Warning: This may lead to some epic backyard battles and soggy clothes.

9. The Plunger Puppet Show

Got kids? Then you know how they love puppet shows. Well, turn that plunger into a puppet master’s dream. Draw some eyes, a mouth, and maybe even a funny hat on the rubber part of the plunger. Use your plunger puppet to tell silly stories and entertain the little ones. It’s like a mini theater production in your own living room, and the best part is that your puppet can clean up spills afterward.

10. The DIY Plunger Game Controller

Ever wanted to create your own video game controller? Look no further than your plunger. Attach a joystick to the plunger handle, and suddenly, you’ve got a unique gaming experience like no other. Just be prepared for your friends to give you puzzled looks when you challenge them to a round of “Plunger Kart Racing.”

11. The Low-Budget Maraca

Why spend money on fancy percussion instruments when you can have a plunger maraca? Fill the rubber part with some dried beans or rice, seal it up, and shake away. You’ll be adding a new layer of rhythm to your jam sessions. Just be careful not to mistake it for your salsa-making plunger or you might end up with a musical mess.

12. The Plunger Puppeteer’s Assistant

Remember that plunger puppet from earlier? Well, now it’s time to take your puppeteering skills up a notch. Attach some strings to your plunger puppet’s limbs and turn it into a marionette. It’s like Pinocchio, but instead of wanting to be a real boy, your plunger puppet aspires to be a real plumber. Your puppet shows just reached a whole new level of sophistication.

13. The Leaf Blower…Sort Of

Who needs a leaf blower when you have a plunger? Simply place the plunger over a pile of leaves, squeeze the handle, and watch as the leaves get blown away. It might not be the most efficient method, but it’s certainly a creative way to avoid raking the yard. Just be prepared for some puzzled looks from your neighbors.

14. The DIY “Fishing” Rod

Fishing is a relaxing hobby, but what if you don’t have a fishing rod handy? Well, grab your plunger and attach a piece of string with a makeshift hook. Head to the nearest pond or lake and see if you can reel in some fish with your unorthodox fishing gear. Just remember to release them back into the water; plungers aren’t known for their fish-friendliness.

15. Plunger Curling – The Indoor Sport of Champions

If you’ve ever watched curling during the Winter Olympics and thought, “I could do that,” well, now’s your chance. Set up a “curling” match in your living room using a plunger as the stone. Slide it across the floor while your friends frantically sweep the path ahead. It might not be the same as gliding on ice, but it’s just as intense…or at least as intense as an indoor plunger-based sport can be.

16. The DIY Plunger Phone Stand

Tired of holding your phone while watching videos? Your plunger can come to the rescue yet again. Use the suction power of the plunger to secure your phone, turning it into a makeshift stand. Now you can enjoy hands-free entertainment without having to invest in expensive accessories. Just don’t forget to clean your plunger before using it for phone duty.

17. The Plunger Pogo Stick

Remember the joy of bouncing on a pogo stick as a kid? Well, your plunger is about to take you on a nostalgic trip down memory lane. Attach a sturdy pole to the plunger handle and bounce away to your heart’s content. Just be prepared for some puzzled looks from your neighbors as they wonder why you’re bouncing on a plunger instead of a proper pogo stick.

18. The Plunger Pencil Holder

Desperate for a pencil holder but too lazy to buy one? Your plunger can become the star of your desk with just a little creativity. Stick your pens and pencils into the suction cup part, and suddenly, your plunger is a multitasking masterpiece. Plus, it adds a touch of whimsy to your workspace that no ordinary pencil holder can match.

19. The Plunger Power Mixer

If you’re into DIY projects and crafting, your plunger can become your trusty sidekick in the form of a power mixer. Attach a small, handheld mixer to the flat rubber surface, and you’ll be able to mix paints, glues, and other materials with ease. It’s like having your own little assistant who never complains about the mess.

20. Plunger Karaoke – Singing in the Shower (Curtain)

Shower singing is a time-honored tradition, but why limit yourself to just your vocal cords? Mount your smartphone on the bathroom wall with your plunger as the support, cue up your favorite karaoke app, and let the bathroom acoustics work their magic. Just be sure to close the shower curtain if you’re not going for a live performance in front of your house.

21. The Plunger Plant Stand

Houseplants need a place to thrive, and your plunger can be their new home. Stick your plant pots onto the suction cup part, and suddenly, your plunger becomes a stylish plant stand. It’s like giving your plants a front-row seat to watch your salsa-making and plunger puppet shows. Talk about a multitasking plunger!

22. The Plunger Paperweight

Tired of your papers flying around in a breeze? The plunger paperweight is here to save the day. Just place your plunger on top of your unruly documents, and they’ll stay put. Plus, it adds a touch of elegance to your workspace that no ordinary paperweight can match. Your colleagues will be green with envy.

23. The Plunger Pom-Pom Shaker

Are you a cheerleader at heart? Your plunger can help you channel that spirit. Glue some colorful pom-poms to the rubber part, and you’ve got yourself a DIY pom-pom shaker that’s perfect for cheering on your favorite sports team or just adding some extra flair to your daily routines. Who knew plungers could be so peppy?

24. The Plunger Postcard Display

Collect postcards from your travels but have no way to display them? Your plunger can turn into a handy postcard holder. Simply attach the postcards to the suction cup part, and you’ve got a rotating display of your adventures. It’s like having your own personal art gallery right at home. And hey, it’s a conversation starter, too.

25. Plunger Ping Pong – The Living Room Sport of Champions

Missing the thrill of table tennis? Turn your living room into a ping pong arena with a plunger as your paddle. Grab a friend, set up a makeshift net (a piece of string will do), and get ready for some intense plunger ping pong action. Just remember, it’s all fun and games until someone accidentally knocks over the salsa-making plunger.

26. The Plunger Puzzle Stand

Do you enjoy puzzles but hate the inevitable back pain from hunching over the table? Your plunger can solve that problem. Stick your puzzle board onto the suction cup part, and suddenly, your plunger becomes a puzzle stand at the perfect height. No more straining your back while searching for that elusive puzzle piece.

27. The Plunger Pizza Cutter

Pizza night just got a whole lot more interesting. If you’re missing a pizza cutter, don’t fret; your plunger can step in as the hero of the evening. Just press the rubber part onto your pizza, give it a good roll, and enjoy perfectly sliced pizza. Just remember to wash it thoroughly before using it for anything else, unless you’re into salsa-flavored pizza.

28. The Plunger Pillow Fluffer

If your pillows have seen better days and need a fluffing, your plunger can be the unsung hero of bedtime. Simply press it against your pillows, give it a few pumps, and watch as your pillows regain their fluffy glory. It’s like a spa day for your cushions, and you’ll be sleeping on clouds in no time.

29. The Plunger Plaque for Your Achievements

Last but not least, your plunger can become a symbol of your accomplishments. Attach your certificates, medals, or any other mementos to the suction cup part, and proudly display them on your wall. It’s a unique way to showcase your achievements and remind yourself that even the most unexpected tools can play a role in your success.


And there you have it, a plunging journey through the wild and wacky world of plunger possibilities. Who would have thought that this unassuming household tool could be so versatile and entertaining? From culinary escapades to impromptu sports, from arts and crafts to unexpected household hacks, the plunger has proven itself as a jack-of-all-trades, ready to plunge into any challenge with gusto.


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