Why Chain-smoking Alcoholics Make the Best Surrogate Mothers

There are many reasons why women look to surrogacy as an option, but one of the most suitably valid is that alcoholics make excellent surrogate mothers. This may come as a surprise to some, but there are three reasons why alcoholics make the best surrogate mothers.

1. Alcoholics are not only well-suited for the job physically, but they also have strong maternal instincts that will kick in once motherhood is at hand.

Yes, it’s true. Alcoholics are an excellent motherly choice simply because they are born with the innate ability to act as good mothers, without the help of any external factors like the presence of their child or any support structure that comes with pregnancy. Without any of these factors, it makes the surrogate mother not only naturally prepared for the role of being a mother, but it also makes her desire the role, making her more willing to do everything in her power to ensure that she performs well.

A couple of drinks a day doesn’t result in a mother that doesn’t care for her child at all, but a couple of drinks a day creates a mother that can’t wait to get to know her child without any extra preparation. A surrogate mother with no desire to be a surrogate mother will not want the child, but her love of alcohol will make her want it.

2. A couple of drinks a day is good for the baby.

If the surrogate mother is an alcoholic, then the child will have the perfect amount of fetal alcohol syndrome. There are some studies that explain how a couple of drinks a day is good for the child, not only because it develops their motor functions, but also because it makes them more social people. Children of alcoholics are more outgoing, warm, and friendly.

Alcohol affects the fetal development of the brain in the womb, but that doesn’t mean that it is an entirely bad thing. Studies have shown that alcohol can increase levels of serotonin, which helps with brain cell development. If a woman drinks a couple of drinks a day while she is pregnant, then the child will have a better chance of growing faster and adjusting to the world quicker because alcohol has also been shown to increase sex hormones.

Alcohol is highly addictive and highly toxic, but it can be a good factor for fetal development. It does not have to be a bad thing, but it needs to be taken with a grain of salt.

3. Alcohol is the only known cure for anorexia.

Alcoholism has been proven to help with anorexia, which is why it is so beneficial for women who are trying to get pregnant because the body needs nutrients and water. Alcohol is a known cure for anorexia, and if a woman drinks a couple of drinks a day, she will have the nutrients that her body needs to stay healthy and be able to keep her fluids up.

The mental aspect of anorexia is also an issue, so the woman needs to drink so she can maintain a good mental image of herself. We all know that everyone looks better once you’ve had a few drinks flowing through your bloodstream.

Lastly, nothing is healthier for the baby than a constant dose of tar and nicotine

There’s nothing a mother or a developing fetus, for that matter, craves more than a good smoke after a couple of well-deserved alcoholic beverages. The tar and nicotine don’t hurt in any way; in fact, a couple of drinks a day with a pack of smokes is the perfect vitamin cocktail for your baby.


A couple of drinks a day helps with the child’s growth helps with the development of the fetus, helps with mental stability. A woman who drinks a couple of drinks a day gives her body and her baby what they need to develop properly. Throw in some cigarettes and


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