The Most Common Mistakes People Make When Searching For an Organ Donor on Craigslist

Every day, someone on the internet seems to desperately search for an organ donor. And where’s the go-to? Craigslist, of course. We’ve all heard stories and watched movies of people turning to less-than-reputable sources when searching for a donor, but the truth is that you can find some of life’s essential items on Craigslist.

Unfortunately, searching for an organ donor on Craigslist isn’t easy. Sure, you may find the perfect match, but you could make a few easily avoidable mistakes in the process. Here are the most common mistakes people make while searching for a compatible organ donor on Craigslist.

Attending Suspicious Meet-Ups

This one is a no-brainer, but go to a meet-up with a potential organ donor at your own risk. Although you may be able to find donors through meet-ups advertised on Craigslist, there are still risks. It is entirely possible for your life to be put in danger at these meet-ups, and it is also possible for an organ donor to not be who they say they are.

It’s also important to remember that it’s against the law to offer cash in exchange for an organ. If anyone at a Craigslist meet-up is offering you money or anything else of value in exchange for an organ, it’s probably best to avoid the meet-up altogether.

Trust Your Gut

If someone on Craigslist seems too good to be true, they probably are. Don’t forget to trust your gut when it comes to searching for an organ donor. If something just doesn’t seem right, it probably isn’t.

Lack of Information

It’s not uncommon for Craigslist posts to be lacking information on a potential donor, such as age and medical history. Without this information, knowing if a donor would be a good match can be impossible. Be sure to ask the right questions and get a full picture of the person you’re considering as an organ donor before you agree to proceed.

Not Checking Their References

It can be easy to overlook when searching for an organ donor on Craigslist, but checking references is essential. Before you agree to any sort of exchange or procedure, make sure to check with friends, family, doctors, and even law enforcement to make sure the person is legitimate.

Not Knowing Your Rights

It’s essential to understand your rights when searching for an organ donor. Not only is it illegal to pay for an organ, but there is also a long list of regulations and rules you must follow to receive an organ. Know your rights and make sure to follow all necessary protocols in order to avoid any legal trouble.

Neglecting to Run Background Checks

In some cases, people searching for an organ donor on Craigslist neglect to run background checks. This is a huge mistake, as a potential donor could have a criminal record or contagious diseases that make them unsuitable for organ donation. Be sure to run background checks on potential donors to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

Turning to Unverified Sources

One of the most common mistakes people make when searching for an organ donor on Craigslist is turning to unverified sources. Craigslist is rife with scams and scammers, so it pays to do your research, and only trust verified sources.

It’s also vital to ensure any potential donor is from an accredited institution, as this will give you an extra level of assurance that your donation is safe and legal.

Being Too Specific

Finally, when searching for an organ donor on Craigslist, it is essential not to be too specific. If you are only looking for perfect matches, you could skip over a potential donor who may be very close in compatibility. Strive for a reasonable level of compatibility when considering potential donors, and never settle for anything less.


Finding an organ donor on Craigslist isn’t always easy. It’s essential to be aware of the mistakes people commonly make when searching for an organ donor to avoid any problems. If you’re searching for an organ donor on Craigslist, trust your gut, do your research, and always ensure you are protecting yourself and your rights. Good luck!


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