The Easiest Ways to Get Your Mother-in-law to Hate You So You Don’t Have to Buy Her a Birthday Present

If you’ve ever been asked to buy a birthday gift for your mother-in-law and felt like doing anything, you’re not alone. Finding the perfect gift for a mother-in-law can be really hard, but don’t worry – there are much easier ways to get her to not like you. Are you ready to master the art of being a disliked son- or daughter-in-law? Here are the easiest ways to get your mother-in-law to hate you and avoid buying her a birthday present.

Make Her Feel Like a Third Wheel

Nothing says “you’re not welcome” more than making your mother-in-law feel like a third wheel. Most of the time, mother-in-laws visit their son-/daughter-in-law to spend quality time with them, but if you exclude her from social gatherings or simply ignore her when she’s in the room, she won’t feel valued.

To make it worse, try speaking about your own mother in front of your mother-in-law. Compare the two of them, or just mention how good your own mom is at cooking. This will make her feel like you don’t appreciate her, and she may start to resent you.

Be Late For Every Occasion

One of the oldest tricks in the book: if you make your mother-in-law wait when you’re supposed to meet at a certain time, she won’t be happy. Being late is a sign of disrespect and lack of consideration, two qualities no mother-in-law would want in a daughter- or son-in-law.

Not only should you be late for every appointment with her, but you should be late for every event you invite her to. Whether it’s dinner or a movie night at your place, don’t bother buying her an advanced ticket or getting there on time. Making her wait for more than 20 minutes is a sure way to make her hate you.

Share Unwanted Advice

People who love to give unsolicited advice often end up being hated by their recipients. Unwanted advice is a sign of being unappreciated, and your mother-in-law won’t like it at all.

You can take it even further by giving her advice that she has already tried or knows won’t work. This will tell her that you don’t really pay attention when she talks and that you don’t care about what she has to say.

Invite Her To Parties And Cancel Last-Minute

Inviting your mother-in-law to your parties and then canceling last minute will make her feel disrespected and unimportant. Not only that, but it might also make her think that you’re too controlling and inflexible, two qualities she probably won’t appreciate in you.

If you really want to nail it, invite her once again days later when the party is over. She’ll feel like you didn’t care enough to invite her in time, and you’ll get the job done.

Pull the Blame Game Whenever Possible

Whenever something happens in the family, don’t hesitate to blame your mother-in-law for it. Whether it’s a misunderstanding with the neighbors or a birthday present not fit for the occasion, never shy away from blaming your mother-in-law.

Not only that, but you should also bring up things from the past and tell her how she might have had a part in those, whether it’s true or not. This will make her feel unappreciated and disrespected, which she’ll remember for a long time.

Ignore Any Compliments

Another easy way to get your mother-in-law to hate you is to ignore her compliments. Everyone likes to be appreciated and acknowledged for the work they do, and it’s no different for your mother-in-law.

When she does something nice for you, act indifferent and don’t bother thanking her. No matter how big or small the gesture is, ignore it. This will make her angry and disdainful towards you.

Final Thoughts

Finding the perfect gift for your mother-in-law can be really hard, but don’t worry – there are much easier ways to get her not to like you. Whether it’s making her feel like a third wheel or pulling the blame game whenever possible, you’re sure to get some haters if you follow these tips. Got any ideas on how to avoid buying your mother-in-law a birthday gift? Let us know in the comments!


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