How to Properly Fart in the Rain

Passing gas. Breaking wind. Cutting the cheese. However you phrase it, farting is one of life’s great equalizers. Young or old, rich or poor, we all do it. And when Nature calls with an urge to purge, it must be answered. But farting in public? That presents some challenges. How does one politely parp around others? Luckily, I’m here to provide some guidance on the delicate art of gassing it up gracefully. There’s an art to ripping one in mixed company, and with these tips, you’ll be an expert in no time!

Now, farting in the open air is one thing. But doing it in the rain? That takes skill. The pitter patter of raindrops provides some auditory cover, but you still risk offending nearby ears. So for those damp days when your derrière is on the verge, follow my instructions below on how to properly fart in the rain. Let’s get to it!

Assess the Situation

Before even attempting to fart in the rain, you must gauge your surroundings. Take stock of a few key factors:

  • Is it currently raining hard enough to mask the sound? A light drizzle won’t cut it. You need serious rainfall to camouflage your butt bombardment.
  • Are there people nearby? Scan the area for any potential casualties within earshot. If it’s crowded, reconsider. Nobody wants to be crop dusted against their will.
  • How urgent is this fart? Can it wait until you find a more appropriate place to release it? If not, and it feels dangerously close to slipping out, at least minimize any collateral damage by choosing your timing and location wisely.
  • Which way is the wind blowing? Factoring in the wind direction can help avoid innocent bystanders. Downwind is ideal, so any squeakers waft away unseen (and unsmelled).

Once you’ve assessed the scene, you can determine if this is indeed a prime opportunity for some inconspicuous gas passing. Never force it – hold it in until conditions are just right. Patience is key when planning a covert farting mission.

Select Your Location

Assuming the weather and wind cooperate, it’s time to pick the perfect spot to release thy cheeks’ bounty. Here are factors to consider:

  • Seek out privacy: While raindrops help disguise what’s happening, you still want privacy. Look for alleys, underpasses, or big leafy trees that provide cover from prying eyes. Stay hidden!
  • Avoid puddles: Landing a first in a puddle double dips the sound, creating an obvious splish-sploosh that defeats your stealth purpose. Stick to dry ground.
  • Consider acoustics: Deep resonant places like parking garages amplify your anal audio. Find a flatter spot to minimize reverb.
  • Avoid seating: Benches, bus stops, etc are farting landmines. You never know who might sit there next and catch a whiff. Stand clear.

Take your time surveying for the optimal fart-friendly locale. Don’t rush it! Once you commit, there’s no going back.

Choose Your Stance

So you’ve picked the perfect spot to let ‘er rip. Great! Now focus on body positioning to really nail the landing. Here are some tried and true stances:

  • The Meander: Walk casually as you release, allowing each step to mask the sound. It disguises the decibel level and makes it hard to pinpoint the source. Just don’t stop immediately after…keep meandering!
  • The Speed Walker: For urgent situations with little warning, speed walk as you free the gas. The accelerated pace and rhythm of your feet does wonders to hide the noise.
  • The Lean: Find a wall or pole you can casually lean against as you release. The solid structure will help distort the fart’s acoustic signature.
  • The Crouch: In a tight space? Squat down before deploying the payload. Being low to the ground dampens the noise. Just pretend to tie your shoe.

Go with what feels most natural given the circumstance. But however you choose to position yourself, be sure to act nonchalant! The key is blending in as it happens.

Maximize Sound Confusion

You’re ready, steadied in the ideal stance at the perfect spot. Now it’s time to optimize your fart’s sound masking using these sly techniques:

  • Cough/sneeze: Right before you fart, fake a phlegmy cough or an achoo! Your butt blast will be woven right in.
  • Time it right: Wait for a nearby source of noise like a passing truck or barking dog. Let it disguise your bottom burp. Impeccable timing!
  • Sing/hum: You can use your own voice to obscure it too. Pepper in some casual humming or sing-song words. Your musical side and backside harmonize nicely.
  • Rustle your coat: For big billowy rain jackets, a little swishy sway as you fart adds just enough swishy sound confusion to keep ’em guessing.
  • Use props: Open an umbrella, shake out a newspaper, crinkle a bag – give their ears something else to focus on.

Experiment until you find what works best to sonically camouflage your gaseous release. But don’t overdo it and draw MORE attention to yourself. Subtlety is key.

Maintain Your Innocence

Despite your best efforts, there’s always a chance someone may detect your anal announcement. If so, feigning ignorance is key. Here are some tried and true strategies:

  • Make eye contact and smile warmly if you pass anyone immediately after. Friendliness first.
  • Pretend to appreciate the weather out loud. “Ahh lovely rain!” or “Quite windy today!” are great distractions.
  • Look around quizzically as if you also heard it and are curious about the source. Never self-incriminate!
  • If absolutely necessary, blame it on something else: “Whew, I think a sewer grate is backed up over there.” Or, “Yuck, this area smells like rotten eggs!” Deflect deflect deflect!

Stick to your guns and pretend it never happened. With an Oscar-worthy poker face, they’ll eventually doubt themselves. You’re in the clear!

Assess the Aftermath

You did it – you successfully gassed your ass undercover in the rain. Nice work! But before celebrating your accomplishment, be sure to assess the aftermath:

  • Give the area a quick sniff test – is there any lingering odor still swirling around? If so, move along before it gives you away.
  • Look for any splatter on your shoes or clothing. Be ready with a good cover story should anyone notice. “Must be mud,” or, “Darn puddle splash…”
  • Listen for any delayed reactions, like sounds of disgust. If you do hear something, exit stage left ASAP.
  • Scope the scene for any smoking evidence. If your butt barrage was strong enough, it may have left proof. Abort mission if see anything incriminating!

If all looks clear, then bask in the glory of your covert farting op! But always be prepared to deny deny deny if questioned. The key is committing fully to the cover-up. Stick to your story!

When to Avoid the Urge to Purge

While farting in the rain can be thrilling, there are times when you should resist the urge to purge:

  • At a romantic date or formal event – save it for later to avoid ruining the mood/your reputation.
  • In an confined space like an elevator – no escape for them or your stench. Have mercy.
  • Around certain high-risk groups – the elderly, anyone with respiratory issues, babies. Don’t be cruel!
  • When you’re sick – it could spread germs and make others ill. Keep your toxic fumes contained.
  • Around flammable gases – could cause an explosion. Yes, this is possible with a strong enough fart. Don’t chance it!

Use good judgement. Just because it’s raining doesn’t mean you have carte blanche to freely fertilize the air. Be considerate of who might breathe in your funk. Refrain if your fart may do more harm than good in the situation.

Practice Makes Perfect

Of course, proper farting in the rain takes practice and experience. Don’t expect to nail it your first try. Instead, start small with trial runs:

  • Fart silently at home, with or without rain noise in the background. Get a feel for your own acoustics.
  • Tweak your chosen stances and body angles. Find what best projects the sound where you want it to go.
  • Experiment with different sound cover techniques – singing, rustling, coughing. See what genuinely masks it best.
  • Observe bystanders’ reactions, even if imaginary. Did they notice? Seem disgusted? How could you improve?
  • Videotape your performance. Review the footage to see where you can hone your innocent act and poker face.

With repetition, you’ll get more comfortable deploying your rain farting skills. Before you know it, you’ll be a seasoned pro!

In Closing

And there you have it – everything you need to know to fart freely and with finesse on rainy days. While it may seem daunting at first, just remember the 5 key tips:

  1. Assess the situation
  2. Pick the perfect location
  3. Choose your stance
  4. Maximize sound cover
  5. Feign innocence

Follow my advice and soon you’ll be farting in the rain like a pro. Just be responsible, be discreet, and don’t rain on anyone else’s parade with your stench. With great flatulence comes great responsibility.

So go enjoy those wet weather wind gusts guilt free! Just maybe avoid thunderstorms…the lightning may not appreciate your attempt to steal its thunder. Good luck and Godspeed, you gassy mavericks!


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