Cool Things to Do With Your Grandma’s Ashes

Taking Grandma for One Last Ride

Okay, so you’ve been handed grandma’s ashes in a tastefully chosen urn (nothing but the best for Granny), and you’re stumped, completely clueless as to what you might do with them. Don’t worry, I’ve been there. Except in my case, it was Uncle Teddy’s ashes and a taxidermy mongoose. But let’s stick to your granny for now, shall we?

Remember, It’s All About the Experience

And no, I’m not suggesting anything illegal. Funerals are a dime a dozen, but turning the handling of grandma’s ashes into an epic adventure… now that’s a story for the ages.

The best thing about experiences? They’re like fingerprints – no two are alike. My neighbor (let’s call him Bob for the sake of this story) once told me he put his mother’s ashes into his tomato garden. Now, Bob has the best tomatoes in the neighborhood. He says it’s because his mom loved tomatoes in life. We’ll never know, will we?

For the Love of Grandma and Her Love for the Open Road

Did grandma love road trips? How about taking her on the ultimate cross-country trip, visiting all the places she always wanted to see, but couldn’t. Let her rest in every state, see the world from every mountain peak, and swim in every ocean. Sure, you might get a few odd looks from fellow tourists, but hey, everyone loves a little scandal, right?

Giving the Gift of Life… After Life

If your grandmother was a tree-hugger, you might want to consider turning her into a tree. It’s not as crazy as it sounds, trust me. There are companies (no specific names here, promise) that specialize in creating biodegradable urns that can turn ashes into a thriving tree. Picture her as a strong oak, or maybe a blooming cherry blossom? How cool is that? Grandma would be evergreen, literally and figuratively!

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Ever thought of using grandma’s ashes to create diamonds? Yes, you heard that right. Ashes can be turned into diamonds, capturing the essence of the deceased in a unique and lasting way. How about a sparkly diamond ring to remember granny by? You might want to drop the whole “made from grandma” line when flaunting your new bling, though.

Because Everyone Deserves Their Own Firework Display

Grandma loved a good celebration, didn’t she? There’s no better way to honor her than by literally lighting up the sky in her honor. Yeah, you can actually have grandma’s ashes mixed into fireworks. Just remember, when the grand finale lights up the sky, to yell, “That’s for you, grandma!”

There’s No Place Like Space

Granny always did love Star Trek, didn’t she? The next frontier awaits her! Grandma’s ashes can hitch a ride on a spacecraft and be scattered amongst the stars. It’s a final resting place that’s truly out of this world. Just imagine telling people, “Yeah, my grandma is orbiting Jupiter right now.”

A Brush with Immortality

Was your grandma an art enthusiast? Perhaps having an artist use her ashes to create a beautiful painting might be fitting. They could capture her favorite landscape, her pet, or maybe just her favorite color palette. It’s not just a painting, it’s grandma – in a Monet sort of way.

Under the Sea

If grandma loved the ocean, having her ashes turned into a coral reef might just be the thing. Her remains will provide a foundation for new marine life, contributing to the ecosystem she loved. And hey, she might just end up becoming a part of a real-life mermaid’s home!

Listen, parting ways with grandma’s ashes can be a moment filled with a bizarre blend of emotions, but remember, laughter is the best medicine. So make it memorable, make it funny, and most importantly, make it all about grandma. After all, it’s what she would have wanted, right?


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