9 Songs to Heal By After Your Liver Transplant

Liver transplants are about as enjoyable as a root canal while stuck in traffic. They’re the medical equivalent of assembling IKEA furniture, confusing and strenuous but necessary. But don’t sweat it; with some R&R and a playlist that even your new liver will groove to, you’ll be back in action before you can say “hepatic artery.”

Staying Alive – Bee Gees

Ah, the Bee Gees. We can all agree that the falsetto was invented solely to distract you from your post-surgical bellyache. And let’s not gloss over the irony; you literally stayed alive through a liver transplant! Your liver is now more Saturday Night Fever than lazy Sunday afternoon.

Sure, you’re no John Travolta strutting through a Brooklyn disco, but the infectious beat of this tune will make you forget the surgical incision. Music therapy? Nah, let’s call it disco detoxification. A boogie-woogie for your liver, if you will.

If you’re worried about shaking your booty too hard and injuring your new liver, maybe just stick to a gentle head nod. Better yet, turn it into a TikTok trend: #LiverTransplantGroove. It could go viral, but not like hepatitis; we’ve had enough of that nonsense.

Remember, while you’re enjoying this song, your liver is hard at work. It’s like a 24/7 factory worker that never clocks out. Forget Dunkin’—your liver literally runs on the Bee Gees. Feel free to hum along; it’s your liver’s favorite karaoke song.

Don’t Stop Believin’ – Journey

Journey. The band that even your grandma grooves to while knitting. This tune is more than just karaoke gold; it’s an anthem for the ages, especially if you’ve just undergone something as serious as a liver transplant. Steve Perry’s vocals are like a pat on the back from a very enthusiastic soccer coach.

The best part of this song is its timeless rallying cry to never lose hope. You know, like when you’re waiting for that anesthesia to wear off and contemplating the purpose of belly buttons. Steve Perry is the motivational speaker you didn’t know you needed but deeply appreciate now that you’re all surgically revamped.

Feeling like those hospital gowns aren’t doing you any fashion favors? Fear not, because when this song starts playing, you’re the star of your own music video. Minus the wind machine and questionable 80s hairstyles, of course.

The crescendo towards the end? Let’s treat that as a metaphor for your recuperation. You might not be leaping off stages, but each day is a step closer to wielding air guitars with gusto. Until then, let’s keep the stage-diving to a minimum, shall we?

Yup, this song is all about optimism. As the guitar solo wails, think of your liver acing its new role in your body. It’s basically the unsung hero of the abdomen, quietly doing its thing while you’re belting out the chorus.

By the time you hit the final notes, you’ll realize that believing isn’t just for fairytales or miracle liver cures; it’s the essence of human spirit. And also, it’s a pretty awesome song to sing along to, just shy of hospital room karaoke!

Happy – Pharrell Williams

Let’s face it, if you don’t start feeling a bit chipper listening to this jam, maybe consult the anesthesiologist about a possible missed dose. Pharrell Williams managed to create an earworm so catchy, even your new liver is doing a little jive inside your body.

Hospital food got you down? Imagining yourself eating a gourmet meal is as close as you’ll get right now, but “Happy” is like the musical equivalent of a five-star dessert. It’s got that sweet beat and makes your taste buds—uh, I mean your earbuds—do the happy dance.

Your liver, the organ that never clocks out, is also a fan. It loves any tune that keeps the bile flowing and the toxins at bay. Maybe that’s why Pharrell sports that big hat; he’s actually storing all his happiness in there.

Do a little chair dance if you can, or at least tap your foot. Your liver needs the good vibes. It’s like your liver’s pep rally but without the cheerleaders and face paint.

When the chorus belts out “Because I’m happy,” you can’t help but feel a little emotional. No, it’s not the meds; it’s the joy seeping into your newly renovated organ. You’re not just happy; you’re liver-happy.

If there’s a playlist for organ recipients, this one’s a chart-topper. Heck, you could even start planning your “Happy” flash mob for when you finally check out of the hospital. We’re talking viral sensations, baby!

And here’s the kicker: the song’s over before you know it. But the sense of joy? That lingers longer than an awkward hug from a distant relative. Your liver’s smiling, you’re smiling—everybody’s smiling! Well, except maybe your roommate, but you can’t win ’em all.

Eye of the Tiger – Survivor

The adrenaline-pumping anthem of every middle school gym class and the backdrop to Rocky’s air punches. Nothing screams, “I’m gonna beat this liver transplant recovery!” like the opening guitar riff of “Eye of the Tiger.” You can practically feel your incision scars healing themselves at the sound of it.

The drumbeat alone could give a heartbeat to a scarecrow. It’s relentless, just like your journey through the labyrinth of healthcare paperwork. If your liver could take a boxing class, this would be its warm-up track.

Now, Survivor isn’t just the band’s name; it’s your new title. You and your liver are the comeback kids of internal organ operatics. You’re more unstoppable than a toddler with a sugar rush.

You might not be running up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, but every trip to the hospital restroom feels like a mini-marathon. High-fives for every victorious return to bed! Even your IV stand wants to join in on the applause.

Every “It’s the eye of the tiger, it’s the thrill of the fight” line makes you wonder if your liver has developed ears and is jamming along. But then you realize how absurd that is—livers can’t have ears; they’d have to be kidney-shaped.

Sweatbands and leotards are optional, but attitude is mandatory. Blast this track and let it fill you up with a fighting spirit so fierce, even your immunosuppressants would second-guess messing with you.

If you could, you’d lift your bedpan in a triumphant salute. But maybe it’s best to save your strength for the impromptu dance party you’ll throw once you’re back home. There’s only room for one star in this show, and it ain’t the guy with the catheter.

Every time the song wraps up, the echo of “Tiger” lingering in the air, you’re not just another patient in room 305—you’re a rock star with abdominal stitches. Cue the applause or at least a polite nod from the nurse.

I Will Survive – Gloria Gaynor

Let’s get the disco ball spinning and the dance floor heated because Gloria Gaynor is the doctor’s order after your liver transplant. There’s something invigorating about belting out, “I will survive!” while contemplating hospital food. You may not have cake, but you’ve got resilience with a side of Jell-O.

This song is basically the Rocky Balboa of disco. It’ll make you want to rise from your hospital bed and show your liver who’s boss. Just don’t actually try it; you’ve got enough wires connected to you to moonlight as a server farm.

Ah, the bassline. It pulsates like your freshly adjusted liver, humming in key with your newfound energy. Your liver’s probably doing the hustle right inside your abdomen. Just maybe keep that dance internal, okay?

Every beat drop has you convinced that, yes, as long as you know how to love, you know you’ll stay alive. True, Gloria Gaynor probably didn’t intend this as an anthem for post-surgery life, but let’s not get stuck on technicalities.

People down the hospital corridor might hear the faint strains of “Go on now, go,” and wonder what kind of party is happening in your room. Little do they know, it’s a one-person dance floor, and you’re the VIP, the DJ, and the disco ball all rolled into one.

It’s a song that tells a story of rebirth, a new chapter, and right now, you and your liver are co-writing your very own comeback narrative. Maybe it’s not the kind of survival tale they’d make a movie about, but hey, your liver could totally win an Oscar for Best Supporting Organ.

Gloria Gaynor is the spirit animal you never knew your liver needed. It’s been through the ringer, seen the bottom of a scalpel, and it’s still here, pumping away like a champ. The liver hears “I will survive” and takes it to heart—or, more accurately, to the hepatic artery.

Here Comes the Sun – The Beatles

You’re waking up in the recovery room, and everything feels like it’s covered in a layer of post-anesthetic grogginess. But hey, you’ve got a new liver! It’s time to make that baby feel welcome, and what better way than with the timeless chords of “Here Comes the Sun”?

Let’s talk about the song’s psychological perks first. When you’ve just parted ways with a liver that was more dysfunctional than a soap opera family, this song acts like emotional Neosporin. It stitches up your mood faster than your surgeon closed up that incision.

Most transplant recipients report feeling, let’s say, less than stellar in the days following surgery. Enter George Harrison with his feel-good melody and lyrics that could make even a pessimist smile. Your liver’s listening, you know. It’s new here; it wants to know it’s landed in a friendly neighborhood!

And let’s get real, the drugs are good, but they can’t do all the heavy lifting. Listening to “Here Comes the Sun” gives you that inner warmth that pharmaceuticals just can’t provide. Heck, it’s like musical morphine for the soul.

When you’re on a liquid diet and can’t tell the jello from the IV bag, the upbeat tempo is just the palate cleanser you need. It’s a burst of citrus in a world of bland hospital oatmeal. Even your new liver’s perking up like, “Yeah, this joint’s not so bad!”

Recovery is a marathon, not a sprint, and having the right soundtrack can make all the difference. Maybe you can’t run or even walk yet, but you can certainly tap your foot or bob your head. Exercise for the new liver! It’s like a mini spin class in there!

And here’s a nugget of truth: the nursing staff is secretly grading you on your post-op demeanor. Play “Here Comes the Sun,” and watch as your nurse pulls out the good ice chips, the ones that are practically a hospital delicacy.

So, you might not be frolicking in strawberry fields anytime soon, but as you start to regain your strength, the sound of George Harrison strumming that acoustic guitar reminds you that you’ve made it through the dark clouds of surgery and there’s nothing but sunny days ahead.

 Taylor Swift – Shake It Off

Who hasn’t been in the recovery room post-liver transplant mumbling, “The haters gonna hate, hate, hate?” Sure, your “haters” are your pre-op liver, your nagging discomfort, and possibly the hospital food, but you’re ready to shake it off! That’s right, let’s welcome your new liver with a T-Swift anthem!

Just imagine: You’re lying there with a brand-new liver and some killer stitches. Doctors had more needles lined up for you than a Pinterest craft board. Your body is screaming, “What just happened?” Hit play on “Shake It Off,” and suddenly, it all seems manageable.

Let’s talk the nitty-gritty. A new liver needs love, and nothing screams love louder than a breakup song directed at your bad habits. Bye-bye, late-night binges on fried foods! Taylor Swift is giving you permission to break up with your old lifestyle. It’s not you, it’s definitely them.

Recovering from a liver transplant isn’t just physical; it’s emotional warfare. You’re like Rambo, but instead of camo, you’re draped in a lovely hospital gown. As the chorus hits, feel the worries disintegrate like last year’s trend.

Every beep and buzz from the hospital monitors is your backup band. Who knew that erratic heartbeats could harmonize so well with Swift’s melody? Your new liver is practically tap-dancing inside of you. With all due respect to your surgical team, that’s what I call internal medicine.

Look, you’re lying there, and it’s easy to get lost in the sea of white coats and latex gloves. Taylor’s pop magic could charm the grump right out of the Grinch. Bonus: the nurses might mistake your post-op joy for a miraculous recovery and give you extra pudding at dinner.

Life post-transplant is a clean slate. You can’t spell awesome without ME, and you can’t spell recovery without…well, it doesn’t matter. You’re gonna be spelling “feeling better” in no time. Swift’s beats fill you with an energy that can’t be bottled, though if it could, pharmaceutical companies would charge a fortune for it.

Don’t underestimate the importance of your playlist. Add “Shake It Off,” and let Taylor Swift be the bridge between your old liver and the new you. Recovery isn’t just about meds and procedures; sometimes, it’s about embracing your inner Swiftie and shaking off the past.

Three Little Birds – Bob Marley

Waking up post-liver transplant, you’re probably bombarded by beeping machines, bustling nurses, and—let’s be real—some top-shelf pharmaceuticals. In comes Bob Marley singing, “Don’t worry about a thing.” Who needs meds when you’ve got reggae?

Now, we all know that a liver transplant isn’t a day at the beach, even if your new liver is as fresh as a sea breeze. Marley’s chill vibes make you want to swap your hospital bed for a hammock. You can practically smell the jerk chicken cooking somewhere down the hallway.

As you’re counting the holes in the ceiling tiles, “every little thing is gonna be alright” blares from the speakers. Heck, you could put that on a prescription pad. Two doses of Bob Marley, chase it down with a morphine drip and call me in the morning.

Now, let’s talk bodily functions. That new liver of yours is the club bouncer for your bloodstream, deciding who gets in and who’s too toxic. What better soundtrack for liver security detail than something that makes you sway side to side?

Ever try eating hospital jello while “Three Little Birds” is playing? Suddenly, you’re in a five-star Caribbean resort, and that jiggly mass on the spoon transforms into gourmet island fare. Full disclosure, you’re still in a hospital; just don’t look in the mirror.

Marley’s music is the unsung hero of emotional resilience. Forget sit-ups; this is soul conditioning. I guarantee you’ll feel more robust, even if you’re held together by staples and stitches.

Let’s face it, pain is a buzzkill. You’re going to be sore, but reggae can soothe the savage, surgical beast. Before you know it, you’re smiling, and for just a moment, your liver isn’t the center of the universe. Is this what they mean by holistic medicine?

Life post-transplant might have you strapped to machines that have more buttons than a NASA control center. But as the dreadlocked prophet coos into your ears, you’re on a Jamaican hillside, swaying in the wind. No extra charge for the imagined ocean breeze.

The nurses become background dancers, the surgical scars are just a roadmap to better days, and your recovery room is a stage. Curtain up, your new liver’s debut is a hit, and the encore is your healthy life ahead.

Livin’ on a Prayer – Bon Jovi

Wooah, you’re halfway there! No, seriously, you’ve got a new liver, and your digestive tract is screaming, “Thank you!” But your emotional battery? That’s where Bon Jovi comes in.

“Whoa, we’re halfway there, whoa, livin’ on a prayer!” No one’s asking you to belt it out, but admit it—there’s something comforting about the idea of scraping through life’s hurdles with just a Hail Mary and some hair spray.

Let’s dig into this rock anthem’s medical potential, shall we? Picture it. You’re in a hospital gown, which is basically just a socially acceptable bedsheet. You’re gazing out the window. Bon Jovi begins to play, and it’s like an adrenaline shot right to your motivation gland.

Ever tried doing leg exercises after a liver transplant? That IV pole becomes your mic stand, and you’re the opening act for your own recovery tour. Three sets of knee raises, and you feel like you’ve just rocked Madison Square Garden.

Bon Jovi isn’t just good for the soul; he’s a balm for the liver, in a manner of speaking. The nurses stroll in to check your vitals, and you just give ’em the nod—you’re living on a prayer, but you’re not flatlining on the charts.

Imagine a liver transplant as the most extreme form of musical chairs. The music stops, and you sit your butt down on a brand-new organ. As you take that first sip of water, the tune blares in your ears, making even the tap water taste like a rock star’s rider.

Oh, the sheer uplifting force of that guitar solo! For a brief moment, your liver is shredding it too, purifying your blood like a detoxifying Jimi Hendrix. Yeah, that organ’s got skills.

In Bon Jovi’s world, Tommy used to work on the docks, and Gina dreams of running away. You? You’ve got a fresh liver, and your only job is getting better. Bon Jovi’s voice is your soundtrack to victory, making every surgical staple feel like a backstage pass to a healthier you.

Before you know it, you’re giving the doc a thumbs-up, and he’s equally elated. You may not be a rock star, but in that surgical unit, under the glowing lights of monitors and medication drips, you are most certainly a VIP.


Look, when it comes to speeding up the healing process, these songs are the real MVPs. No prescription required; just a good set of earbuds and a finger ready to hit “play.” They’ll make getting back on your feet—or rather, your fresh, new liver—a whole lot easier.

And speaking of that liver, treat it like the precious gem it is. Keep the celebratory champagne on ice for now. A liver is a terrible thing to waste, especially a brand-spanking-new one. So, let’s not give it a baptism by fire, or in this case, by booze. Lay off the sauce, and crank up the tunes instead.


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