6 Surprisingly Sterile Places at the Gym

Venturing into a gym, you’d expect a world dominated by the musky scent of sweat and the unspoken competition of who can lift the most. But amidst the clanking of weights and the whirring of treadmills, there lie hidden oases of cleanliness, defying all gym stereotypes. These unsuspecting spots, often overlooked in the daily hustle of fitness enthusiasts, hold a secret: they’re surprisingly sterile, almost comically so.

1. The Mysterious Corner Nobody Uses

Every gym has that one corner that seems to exist in a different dimension. It’s usually home to the most obscure equipment, like a thigh master from the 80s or a dusty old rowing machine that looks like a medieval torture device. But here’s the twist: this corner is so untouched by human presence, it’s practically a clean room in a science lab. Germs don’t dare venture here; it’s too lonely even for them.

2. The Bottom of the Protein Shake Blender

Ah, the communal blender at the gym’s juice bar. You’d expect it to be a swirling vortex of bacteria, right? Wrong. The bottom of this blender is so well-scrubbed, you could perform surgery on it. Why? Because the gym staff fear the wrath of protein-shake enthusiasts more than anything. Miss one spot, and it’s anarchy with a side of whey protein.

3. The Unused Treadmill That Squeaks

There’s always one treadmill that’s like the outcast of the cardio family. It squeaks with the sadness of a thousand unfulfilled fitness resolutions. The funny thing? It’s so avoided, it’s become a sterile haven. If germs had a VIP list, this treadmill wouldn’t be on it. It’s the lone wolf of the gym, too cool (and clean) to mingle with the popular machines.

4. The Inside of a Boxing Glove Display Model

Boxing gloves in the display case are like the mannequins of the gym world – always on show, never actually used. The inside of these gloves is a germ-free utopia. It’s ironic, really. They’re ready for a fight, but their biggest battle is with boredom. If cleanliness is next to godliness, these gloves are practically celestial beings.

5. The Sticker on the Emergency Stop Button

You know the emergency stop button on cardio machines that nobody ever wants to use (because who wants to admit defeat that publicly)? The sticker on that button is a pristine, untouched wonder. It’s like the forbidden fruit of the gym; everyone sees it, but no one touches it. It’s so clean, even microbes haven’t discovered it yet.

6. The Air Above the 100-Pound Dumbbells

Let’s face it, the air above the 100-pound dumbbells is as untouched as a snowfield at the top of Mount Everest. It’s a serene, germ-free zone, mainly because most gym-goers look at those weights and think, “Nope, not today, maybe in my next life.” This air is so pure, it could be bottled and sold as a luxury item.


The gym might seem like a hotspot for germs, but there are hidden gems of sterility if you know where to look. From the lonely corners to the untouched air, cleanliness can be found in the most unexpected places. It’s a reminder that sometimes, the cleanest spots are right under our noses, or in this case, right above those weights we’re definitely going to lift… someday.


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