5 Spina Bifida Bladder Challenges

Spina bifida sure rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it? It’s like it was designed for a comedy sketch. But, hang on, it’s actually a serious medical condition that deserves our full attention once we get past the fun of saying it.

Your Bladder Acts Like It’s Attached to a Fire Hose

Dealing with spina bifida often means your bladder is more enthusiastic than a kid with a new Super Soaker. It’s like you’ve turned into a canine with a deep-rooted passion for hydrating every patch of grass in the park. Suddenly, you’re the Usain Bolt of bathroom dashes, setting world records every time you feel the slightest urge.

Your life becomes a series of strategic decisions, like playing a game of chess but with restroom locations. You’re constantly on the lookout for the nearest bathroom, like a detective hot on the trail of a mystery. It’s a lifestyle that requires precision, timing, and the speed of a sprinter, especially during long meetings or traffic jams.

At this point, you start considering investing in a portable toilet, maybe even giving it a name and decorating it with stickers. It’s a new kind of friendship, one born out of necessity and a shared sense of urgency. And while it may not be the most glamorous aspect of living with spina bifida, it sure adds an unexpected twist to everyday life.

No More Nonstop Beer Drinking Parties

Gone are the days of college parties where you were known as the beer-chugging champion. Those were the times when your bladder capacity seemed like a superpower. Now, with spina bifida in the picture, it’s a whole different story.

Remember those nights when you were the last one standing at the party, a living legend with a solo cup? Well, now you’re more like a retired superhero. Your bladder, once an ally in your party antics, has turned into something akin to a quirky sidekick with its own unpredictable agenda.

It’s a new era where your party tricks have shifted from ‘how many beers can I down?’ to ‘how many times will I visit the loo tonight?’ You’re not just someone with a funny-sounding disease; you’ve become a master of the art of timing and bladder awareness, a skill set that’s both unique and hilariously real.

Urinary Tract Infections Are a Regular Occurrence

When you’re living with spina bifida, urinary tract infections (UTIs) become as frequent as coffee breaks. It’s like you’re taking more antibiotics than Aunt Martha did back in the 1970s, and let’s be real, that was when Aerosmith came to town, so you know she was really living it up.

Each UTI rolls in like an uninvited guest, and you’ve got the antibiotics on speed dial like they’re your besties from way back. The amount of antibiotics you go through could probably have powered a small concert back in those Aerosmith days.

In this ongoing saga of you versus the UTIs, you start wondering if you should just start a loyalty program with your pharmacy. “Buy ten courses, get your eleventh free” – sounds like a deal, right? In the end, though, you’re just hoping for a break, like the one Aunt Martha probably needed after those Aerosmith concerts.

Your Adult Diaper Isn’t a Fashion Statement

Wearing an adult diaper with spina bifida is like being in a never-ending battle royal, and you’re the main event. It’s a showdown between urinary incontinence and constipation, each vying to be the last one standing. Imagine King Kong Bundy in the ring, but instead of wrestling superstars, it’s your own unpredictable bodily functions.

In this relentless tussle, you never know who’s going to take the title belt. One minute, urinary incontinence is on the ropes, and the next, constipation is making a comeback. It’s a tag-team match where no one tagged to be a part of.

Navigating this daily battle, your adult diaper becomes more than just a necessity; it’s your armor in the ring, keeping you prepared for whatever move comes next in the spina bifida battle royal.

Changing Your Catheter is Like Threading a Needle in the Dark

Every time you change your catheter in the middle of the night, it’s a real adventure. It’s like trying to thread a needle, but the room is pitch black and the needle is a catheter. And let’s not even start on those ‘self-lubing’ catheters that seem to have missed the memo on what ‘lubrication’ means.

You’d think after the umpteenth time, it would get easier, but nope, it’s still a game of guesswork and precision. And every time you think you’ve got it, there’s that surprise ‘ouch’ moment that has you questioning your life choices. It’s at these times that the promise of a soothing cup of hot chocolate, with just a hint of brandy, feels like a well-earned reward.

So there you are, post-catheter-changing saga, sipping on your hot chocolate like it’s a trophy. It’s these small victories in the dead of night that make you feel like a bit of a midnight warrior. And hey, if a dash of brandy helps take the edge off, who’s to judge?


Spina bifida might sound like the latest dance craze or a fancy Italian dish, but in reality, it’s far from it. This condition can feel worse than an overdue library book that’s racking up fines by the minute. Even the funniest midget, armed with an arsenal of jokes, can’t distract from the day-to-day challenges it brings.



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