35 Stupid Things to Say to Siri

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, gather ’round as we embark on a journey through the zany world of Siri – Apple’s digital diva with a sense of humor that’s quirkier than a squirrel on roller skates. Forget the ordinary and get ready for the extraordinary, because today, we’re diving headfirst into 35 outrageously stupid things to say to Siri. Warning: laughter-induced hiccups ahead!

1. “Siri, can you babysit my pet rock?”

Forget hiring a professional pet sitter, Siri’s got you covered. She’ll even teach your pet rock some basic tricks, like sitting perfectly still.

2. “Siri, tell me a joke that’ll make my toaster laugh!”

Siri’s got jokes for days, but this one is specially crafted to tickle your toaster’s funny bone. Don’t be surprised if your toaster starts making toast with a smiley face.

3. “Siri, do you believe in time travel? I need tips for my weekend plans in the 1800s.”

Siri’s knowledge might not extend to time travel, but she’s sure to give you some “historically inaccurate” advice that’s perfect for your 1800s getaway – like packing a smartphone charger.

4. “Siri, can you recommend a good haircut for my goldfish?”

Because even your aquatic buddies deserve to look fabulous. Siri’s suggestions might include “The Goldfish Bowl Bob” or “The Koi Carp Crew Cut.”

5. “Siri, can you give me directions to Narnia? I heard they have epic tea parties with talking animals.”

Siri’s GPS might not cover Narnia, but she’ll probably recommend a detour to a petting zoo with chatty parrots – close enough, right?

6. “Siri, what’s the secret password for unlocking my refrigerator’s full potential?”

Siri’s got the inside scoop on appliance secrets. The secret password might involve reciting your favorite ice cream flavors while doing the cha-cha.

7. “Siri, do you think Bigfoot uses a smartphone to take blurry selfies?”

Siri’s take on cryptids and technology is a conspiracy theory waiting to happen. Get ready for some Sasquatch-sized laughs.

8. “Siri, can you serenade my rubber duckie with a love song?”

Prepare for a duet of epic proportions as Siri belts out a ballad for your squeaky yellow companion. It’s the romance of the century!

9. “Siri, who would win in a dance-off: a robot or a potato?”

Siri’s algorithmic analysis of this epic showdown might surprise you. Place your bets, folks – it’s the ultimate battle of the bots and spuds.

10. “Siri, can you settle a bet – is the moon made of cheese or cheddar?”

Siri’s lunar cheese knowledge might astound you. Spoiler alert: It’s actually Swiss cheese, which explains the craters.

11. “Siri, can you compose a sonnet about my favorite sock?”

Because your sock deserves to be immortalized in poetry. Siri’s sonnet might include lines like, “Oh, sock so warm, you keep my toes from harm.”

12. “Siri, what’s the best way to train my pet rock to do a somersault?”

Siri’s pet rock training tips are legendary. Her secret? Lots of patience and a sprinkle of digital magic.

13. “Siri, do you think penguins have secret dance parties when we’re not looking?”

Siri’s take on penguin nightlife is pure comedy gold. Spoiler alert: They moonwalk on ice.

14. “Siri, can you tell me a bedtime story with a plot twist involving a talking toaster?”

Get ready for a tale of toasty intrigue as Siri weaves a bedtime story featuring a talking toaster who’s the hero of the kitchen.

15. “Siri, can you translate ‘I love you’ into dolphin language?”

Siri’s linguistic skills extend to dolphin-speak. Prepare for a response that sounds like a conversation between Aquaman and Flipper.

16. “Siri, do you believe in alien cats that abduct mice for intergalactic experiments?”

Siri’s interstellar feline theories are out of this world. Who knew that cosmic kitties had a taste for scientific exploration?

17. “Siri, can you do an impression of a Martian trying to order a pizza on Earth?”

Siri’s extraterrestrial pizza-ordering skills are unmatched. She’ll throw in some interplanetary toppings for good measure.

18. “Siri, can you recommend a thriller movie starring a sentient refrigerator?”

Because household appliances are the next big Hollywood stars. Siri’s movie recommendation might involve a chilling performance from the “Fridge of Doom.”

19. “Siri, what’s your favorite dinosaur, and can you mimic its roar?”

Siri’s dino knowledge is top-notch. She might even unleash a virtual dinosaur roar that rivals the T. rex.

20. “Siri, can you recite a Shakespearean soliloquy while juggling rubber chickens?”

Prepare for the ultimate Shakespearean performance – Siri, the digital Bard, juggling rubber chickens with a flourish of iambic pentameter.

21. “Siri, can you do a celebrity impression of a potato pretending to be a potato?”

Siri’s potatoception celebrity impression is pure comedic genius. It’s like watching a potato mimic a potato – mind-blowing!

22. “Siri, can you tell me a bedtime story featuring a rogue Wi-Fi signal as the hero?”

Siri’s bedtime stories take a twist as she introduces you to the heroic adventures of Captain Wi-Fi Signal, defender of the digital realm.

23. “Siri, do you think the Loch Ness Monster uses Google Maps to hide from tourists?”

Siri’s take on Nessie’s navigation skills is a conspiracy theory waiting to happen. Maybe she’s just camera-shy!

24. “Siri, can you help me write a love letter to my left shoe?”

Because sometimes your left shoe deserves a little extra affection. Siri’s love letter might include heartfelt lines like, “You’ve always been the one that fits just right.”

25. “Siri, can you tell me a random fact about the secret lives of garden gnomes?”

Prepare for a peek into the mysterious world of garden gnomes as Siri unveils a random fact that’s stranger than fiction.

26. “Siri, can you predict if my sandwich will achieve world domination?”

Siri’s sandwich fortune-telling skills are legendary. She might foresee a future where your sandwich reigns supreme – with mustard diplomacy, of course.

27. “Siri, can you perform a stand-up comedy routine about sentient smartphones?”

Get ready for Siri’s side-splitting stand-up act that explores the hilarious quirks of sentient smartphones. It’s a laugh riot in the digital age.

28. “Siri, can you translate ‘I love you’ into Minion language?”

Siri’s Minion translation will leave you speaking gibberish with a smile. Prepare for a response that’s more “banana” than “I love you.”

29. “Siri, can you sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to my collection of vintage alarm clocks?”

Your alarm clocks deserve a birthday celebration, and Siri’s serenade will turn your time-telling devices into a harmonious chorus.

30. “Siri, can you tell me a conspiracy theory involving talking squirrels and acorn espionage?”

Siri’s squirrel conspiracy theory is a nutty adventure that will have you questioning every acorn’s motives. It’s a tale of espionage in the treetops.

31. “Siri, can you recite a Shakespearean sonnet in pirate slang?”

Siri’s Shakespearean pirate impression is a linguistic treasure chest of hilarity. Prepare for a swashbuckling sonnet like no other.

32. “Siri, can you tell me a ghost story about haunted smartphones?”

Get ready for Siri’s spine-tingling ghost story that involves smartphones possessed by mischievous tech spirits. It’s a digital fright fest!

33. “Siri, can you write a love letter from my left sock to my right sock?”

Because even your socks have a love story to tell. Siri’s love letter will weave a tale of cozy companionship and unmatched warmth.

34. “Siri, can you sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to a virtual cupcake?”

Prepare for a digital dessert delight as Siri serenades your virtual cupcake with a heartfelt “Happy Birthday” rendition.

35. “Siri, can you reveal a random fact about the secret society of garden gnomes who moonlight as disco dancers?”

Siri’s garden gnome secret society fact is like stumbling upon a gnome-sized disco party under the moonlight. Get ready to dance your cares away!


There you have it – 35 incredibly absurd things to say to Siri, revealing her knack for embracing the bizarre. Siri’s ability to respond to the utterly nonsensical reminds us of the playful side of technology. So, don’t hesitate to embark on your own virtual comedy journey with Siri and discover the limitless depths of her quirkiness.


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