35 Crazy Things to Say to a Telemarketer

Telemarketers, those persistent callers who always seem to know when we’re about to sit down for dinner or dive into a good book. They’re the uninvited guests of our daily lives, bringing with them offers we never knew we needed (or wanted). But what if, instead of the usual sigh and hang-up routine, we turned these calls into moments of pure, unadulterated fun?

1. Confess Your Love for Spaghetti

Ever been on a call and thought, “This could use more pasta”? When a telemarketer rings, seize the moment to express your undying love for spaghetti. Tell them how you dream of noodles nightly and have dedicated a shrine to marinara sauce in your living room. It’s a saucy twist that’ll leave them more tangled than a forkful of fettuccine.

If you’re feeling extra adventurous, invite them to join your fictional Spaghetti Appreciation Society. Meetings every Tuesday, dress code strictly spaghetti strands. They might not join, but they’ll surely remember the call more than any sales quota.

2. Conduct a Wildlife Safari Tour

“Welcome to my living room safari! Right now, we’re observing the rare and elusive couch potato in its natural habitat.” Begin narrating as if you’re a safari guide, detailing the ‘wildlife’ you see in your home. Describe the epic journey of housecats stalking dust bunnies or the rare sighting of a domesticated dog in mid-nap.

Encourage the telemarketer to join in. Ask them what wildlife they might be seeing on their end. “Do you have any exotic creatures like the notorious desk plant or the fabled paperweight?” It’s a lighthearted way to transform a mundane environment into an adventurous exploration.

3. Offer an Impromptu Cooking Class

Why not turn a sales call into a culinary adventure? Start describing your latest recipe in exquisite detail. “First, you gently sauté the onions until they’re as golden as a sunset in July…”

Encourage them to take notes, and don’t forget to ask about their preferred spice level. By the end of the call, they might not have made a sale, but at least they’ll have a fantastic recipe for chili.

4. Turn into a Mythical Creature Expert

Imagine their confusion when you excitedly start discussing the migratory patterns of unicorns. “Did you know unicorns prefer areas with high WiFi connectivity?”

If they try to steer back to their script, lament how dragons just don’t understand the importance of a good phone plan. This approach not only baffles but also adds a touch of magic to their day.

5. Start a Debate on the Best Kind of Cheese

Cheese – it’s a topic that can get anyone talking. Challenge the telemarketer to a spirited debate on the merits of cheddar vs. gouda. Delve into the complexities of cheese aging and the best wine pairings.

Who knows, by the end of the call, you might have converted them to your cheese of choice or at least given them a craving for a cheese platter.

6. Become a Time Traveler

Inform the caller you’re actually calling from the past and you’re amazed you got through. Wonder aloud if their special offer includes time travel insurance. “Do you have a plan that covers accidental paradoxes?”

Ask if their service reaches the Renaissance or if there’s good reception by the pyramids. Time travel talk is a surefire way to throw them off their script and maybe spark an interest in history!

7. Start Your Own Telemarketing Pitch

Flip the script! As soon as they start their spiel, launch into your own sales pitch. “But wait, have you heard about the incredible features of my imaginary product?”

Keep upping the ante with more outrageous features. By the end of the call, they might be so impressed they’ll want to switch jobs.

8. Host an Impromptu Quiz Show

Suddenly turn the call into a quiz show. “Congratulations, you’re on ‘Guess That Random Fact!’ For our first question: What year was the telephone invented?”

Keep the questions coming, each more random than the last. They called to sell, but they might end up learning something new and totally unrelated to their product.

9. Declare It’s Opposite Day

Respond to everything they say with the exact opposite. If they offer a deal, lament how you’ve been looking for the most expensive option available.

Keep a playful tone, and soon they’ll be chuckling along, trying to figure out how to sell something on Opposite Day.

10. Pretend You’re Hosting a Talk Show

Greet them as if they’re the special guest on your talk show. “Welcome to the Late Night with [Your Name]! Tell us, how did you get started in telemarketing?”

Ask them to share funny anecdotes or their favorite joke. They called to discuss their product, but instead, they’re the star of your imaginary show.

11. Discuss the Merits of Different Superpowers

Strike up a conversation about which superpower would be the most useful in daily life. “Do you think telekinesis would help with household chores? I’m tired of losing the remote.”

Debate over flight vs. invisibility can lead to some intriguing discussions. The telemarketer might just forget their script and get caught up in the superhero fantasy.

12. Act Like You’re in a Soap Opera

Dramatically declare that they’ve called in the middle of a pivotal scene. “How could you call at a time like this? Don’t you know Eduardo just discovered he has a twin?”

Go overboard with the drama. By the end of the call, they’ll be more interested in the fate of your fictional characters than in making a sale.

13. Speak in Rhymes

Answer everything they say with a rhyme. “A phone plan, you say? I might pay, but not today.”

This whimsical approach will either amuse them or leave them utterly bewildered. Either way, it’s a fun twist on the usual sales call.

14. Pretend You’re an Alien

Feign ignorance about human customs and technology. “What is this ‘cellular phone’ you speak of? On my planet, we communicate through telepathic waves.”

Question everything they say with child-like wonder. It’s not every day they get to explain Earthly technology to an extraterrestrial.

15. Host an Impromptu Poetry Slam

Start reciting a poem about the mundane aspects of life. “Oh, toaster, my toaster, how you warm my bread…”

Invite them to share a poem of their own. Who knows, you might discover a telemarketer with a hidden talent for verse.

16. Create a Fake Conspiracy Theory

Whisper conspiratorially about how you believe telemarketers are actually secret agents. “I know the truth; you’re gathering intel for the squirrels, aren’t you?”

The more absurd the theory, the better. It’ll either spark their imagination or leave them scratching their heads in confusion.

17. Plan an Imaginary Vacation

Ask for travel tips for a fictional destination. “I’m planning a trip to Atlantis. Do you think I need a waterproof phone case?”

Discuss the logistics of underwater hotels and mermaid sightseeing. It’s a playful way to derail the conversation from sales to fantasy travel planning.

18. Start a Book Club Invitation

Enthusiastically invite them to join your (non-existent) book club. “This month, we’re reading a thrilling novel about telemarketing strategies in the 21st century. You’d be perfect!”

Discuss character development and plot twists as if it’s a real book. They might just be tempted to read it, if only it existed.

19. Propose an Outrageous Business Idea

Pitch them a wildly impractical business idea. “I’m starting a company that makes umbrellas for dogs. Interested in investing?”

Elaborate on the potential market and absurd features. They called to sell something practical, but now they’re pondering the logistics of canine rainwear.

20. Pretend You’re a Lost Tourist

Feign confusion and ask for directions to famous landmarks. “Could you guide me to the Eiffel Tower? I seem to have taken a wrong turn at my living room.”

Keep up the act as a bewildered traveler in your own house. They’ll be chuckling at your ‘navigational skills’ rather than focusing on their sales pitch.

21. Conduct a Fake Interview

Pretend you’re a journalist interviewing them for a prestigious magazine. “Tell me, what’s it like being at the forefront of telecommunication innovation?”

Ask them about their ‘career achievements’ and ‘future goals.’ They might start seeing their job in a whole new light.

22. Give a Wildlife Documentary Commentary

Narrate the call as if you’re in a wildlife documentary. “And here we see the rare telemarketer in their natural habitat, attempting to secure a sale.”

Describe their ‘behavior’ and ‘mating calls’ with utmost seriousness. It’s a humorous twist that paints their routine job in a hilariously new perspective.

23. Discuss the Future of Technology

Speculate about absurd future tech inventions. “Do you think we’ll have phones that can teleport us? I’d love to skip traffic.”

Their sales pitch about the latest smartphone features might pale in comparison to your imaginative tech predictions.

24. Pretend You’re a Ghost

Speak in a spooky voice and claim you’re a ghost who haunts the line. “This number has been cursed since the great phone outage of 1903…”

See how long you can keep up the ghostly act. It’s a spooky, silly way to answer a sales call.

25. Announce You’re a Secret Celebrity

Claim you’re a famous person using a pseudonym. “Yes, this is definitely not Brad Pitt. How can I assist you, dear telemarketer?”

Keep dropping hints about your ‘celebrity lifestyle’ without revealing your ‘true identity.’ They’ll be left guessing if they just spoke to a star.

26. Start a Fictional Soap Opera Fan Club

Pretend to be the president of a fan club for a non-existent soap opera. “Have you heard of ‘Days in the Life of My Toaster’? We’re recruiting new members!”

Discuss the intricate plot and dramatic character arcs. The telemarketer might get so intrigued they’ll search for this fictional show after the call.

27. Pretend You’re a Time-Displaced Victorian

Speak as if you’re from the Victorian era, baffled by modern technology. “What sorcery is this ‘wireless communication’? In my time, we used pigeons.”

Keep up the archaic language and manners. It’s a humorous way to contrast the old and new, leaving the telemarketer bemused.

28. Start a Debate About Pineapple on Pizza

Fiercely debate whether pineapple belongs on pizza. “It’s a culinary masterpiece, don’t you agree?”

This topic often sparks passionate opinions and can lead to a fun, lighthearted debate, distracting them from their sales script.

29. Announce an Impromptu Talent Show

Declare that they’ve called during your home talent show. “For my next act, I will balance a spoon on my nose. What’s your talent?”

Encourage them to share their hidden skills. It’s a playful way to shift the focus from business to fun.

30. Play the Role of a Confused Historian

Pretend to be a historian who’s mixed up their dates. “Is this the era with flying cars or are we still using telegraphs?”

Discuss historical inaccuracies with confidence. They’ll either correct you or join in on the fun.

31. Start a Fake Home Renovation Show

Pretend you’re a host of a home renovation show. “Today, we’re transforming this ordinary living room into a telemarketing paradise!”

Ask for their input on décor and color schemes. They might just forget about their sales goals and focus on interior design.

32. Discuss the Physics of Superheroes

Talk about how superhero powers would work in real life. “If Superman flies at the speed of light, does he age slower?”

This nerdy conversation can be both amusing and thought-provoking, steering the conversation away from sales and towards the realm of fantasy.

33. Host a Virtual Pet Parade

Announce that they’ve called in the middle of your virtual pet parade. “First up, we have Mr. Whiskers, sporting a lovely bow tie.”

Describe each ‘pet’ in funny and endearing detail. It’s a cute and quirky way to derail a sales call.

34. Pretend You’re a Lost Space Explorer

Claim you’re an astronaut who’s accidentally contacted Earth. “Houston, we have a problem. I was aiming for Mars but got a telemarketer instead.”

Discuss space travel and extraterrestrial life. They called to talk about earthly matters, but now they’re on an interstellar adventure.

35. Host a Mock Cooking Show

Act as if you’re the host of a cooking show. “Welcome back to ‘Cooking with [Your Name]!’ Today’s special: how to make a salesperson simmer down.”

Describe the steps of an imaginary recipe with humor and flair. They called to serve up a deal, but they’re getting served a dish of playful banter instead.


Thus ends our journey through the wacky world of responding to telemarketers. Each phone ring now brings a chance to spin a yarn, perplex with absurdity, or simply share a moment of whimsical creativity. Next time that number flashes on your screen, remember it’s not just a call – it’s a canvas for your comedic artistry.


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