15 Dumb Things to Do in a Public Swimming Pool

Welcome, pool enthusiasts! Today, we’ll explore 15 unconventional poolside activities while emphasizing the importance of staying safe, especially when it comes to lightning. So, let’s dive into these unique experiences at your local public pool and ensure your fun remains electrifying in all the right ways.

1. Cannonball Catastrophe: Splashtastic 101

Okay, let’s talk about the art of cannonballing in a public swimming pool. First, ignore that common-sense voice in your head that says, “Don’t be a human missile.” Instead, channel your inner daredevil and launch yourself from the diving board with reckless abandon. Remember, the bigger the splash, the better! It’s like auditioning for a role in a waterlogged action movie where the goal is to drench everyone in sight. So, embrace your inner water warrior and give those pool-goers a refreshing surprise they’ll never forget.

2. The Splash Wars Champion: Make Waves, Not Friends

Ever dreamed of becoming a Splash Wars Champion? Well, it’s your time to shine! Dive into the pool and start flailing those arms and legs like you’re battling a mythical sea creature. Forget about tranquility; aim to create tidal waves that make everyone question their life choices. It’s like being the drummer in a rock band with your drum kit made of water. Remember, subtlety is for losers, so go ahead and make that epic splash. Just be prepared for a potential lifelong ban from the pool.

3. Speedo Struggles: Flaunt What You’ve Got

Who needs privacy and modesty anyway? Grab that Speedo – or better yet, a banana hammock – and strut your stuff at the public pool. It’s time to show off those glorious curves to the world! Remember, the smaller the swimwear, the bigger the statement. It’s like wearing a fig leaf and asking everyone, “Have you seen my modesty?” So, be that beacon of confidence and defy societal norms – just don’t be surprised if you attract an army of paparazzi and curious onlookers.

4. The Lounge Lizard: King (or Queen) of Lounging

Claim your rightful throne at the poolside, my friend! Be the Lounge Lizard who occupies not one, not two, but three lounge chairs simultaneously. Spread out like you’re preparing for a royal banquet, and watch as others awkwardly hover around you like hungry peasants. It’s like declaring yourself the monarch of leisure, complete with an imaginary crown made of sunscreen. Remember, sharing is for chumps, so make the pool deck your personal kingdom.

5. The Underwater DJ: Pool Party Pioneer

Why swim in silence when you can be the life of the pool party with your underwater DJ skills? Bring out that waterproof speaker and crank up the tunes. It’s time to turn the serene pool environment into a full-blown dance floor, complete with synchronized swimming to the beat. It’s like hosting a rave in a zen garden, a combination no one saw coming. Just be prepared for your playlist to be met with a mix of applause and judgmental glares from the lifeguards.

6. The Overly Enthusiastic Coach: Master of Free Advice

You may not have any coaching certifications, but who cares? Be the Overly Enthusiastic Coach at the pool, offering unsolicited advice to every swimmer in sight. Whether they want it or not, they’re getting a masterclass in your unique swimming philosophy. It’s like becoming the Tony Robbins of the water world, transforming every lap into a life-changing experience. Ignore those subtle eye rolls and just keep on coaching, coach!

7. The Poolside Picnicker: Dining by the Deep End

Why settle for a mere pool snack when you can have a full-blown picnic by the water? Ignore those “No Food or Drinks Allowed” signs and bring out the buffet. Sandwiches, chips, and a cooler full of cold drinks – you’ve got it all! It’s like hosting Thanksgiving dinner in a pool cabana, a holiday tradition no one asked for. Just make sure to leave some crumbs for the resident seagulls. They appreciate a good poolside feast too.

8. The Goggle Collector: Goggle Galore

Why stick to one pair of goggles when you can have an entire collection? Be the Goggle Collector who shows up with a rainbow of goggles, each more stylish than the last. It’s like having a shoe collection, but for your eyes. Mix and match your goggles with your swimwear, and watch as others gaze in awe at your fashionable eyewear choices. After all, who needs just one pair of trusty goggles when you can have dozens?

9. The Diving Board Daredevil: Leap of (Questionable) Faith

Diving boards were made for one thing – extreme stunts! Forget about simple dives; aim for triple flips, mid-air somersaults, and cannonballs that defy gravity. It’s like auditioning for the next X-Games, except the “X” stands for “Xtremely Over-the-Top.” Don’t worry about safety; that lifeguard has seen it all and is definitely not shaking their head in disbelief. So, take that leap of questionable faith and make every dive an adrenaline-fueled adventure.

10. The Inflatable Invasion: Float Like There’s No Tomorrow

Why settle for one inflatable when you can turn the pool into a water-themed carnival? The Inflatable Invasion is all about quantity over quality. Bring an armada of giant swans, flamingos, unicorns, and maybe even a few inflatable palm trees. It’s like hosting a parade in the shallow end, complete with your very own poolside parade float. Sure, it may be impossible to swim, but who needs that when you can float in style?

11. The Water Ballet Star: Aquatic Showstopper

Who says synchronized swimming is only for the Olympics? Be the Water Ballet Star and treat the pool like your personal stage. Perform graceful underwater twirls, spins, and spins that make even the fish jealous. It’s like starring in your own one-person Broadway show, with water as your spotlight. Ignore the confused looks from fellow swimmers and dive into your aquatic performance with all the dramatic flair you can muster.

12. The Mysterious Pool Chemist: DIY Water Wizard

Public pools have lifeguards and professionals for a reason, but who needs them when you’re the Mysterious Pool Chemist? Bring your own arsenal of chemicals and start experimenting right there at the poolside. It’s like trying to mix potions in the middle of a science fair – unpredictable and potentially explosive. Ignore the concerned glances and just keep pouring those mysterious liquids into the water. What’s the worst that could happen, right?

13. The Hair-Flip Master: Mermaid Mane Unleashed

Long hair can be such a bore when it’s dry and manageable. So, be the Hair-Flip Master and let your luscious locks fly like a majestic waterfall every few strokes. It’s like auditioning for a shampoo commercial, but with zero pay and a chlorine-soaked audience. Embrace the drama, my friend, and let your aquatic follicles steal the show. Just be prepared for a few fellow swimmers to accidentally ingest some of your personal haircare product.

14. The Snorkel Symphony Conductor: Underwater Maestro

Who needs to breathe like a regular swimmer when you can be the Snorkel Symphony Conductor? Equip yourself with not one but two snorkels, and make it your mission to orchestrate a masterpiece of underwater breathing. It’s like leading a snorkel-equipped marching band through a synchronized water routine, complete with improvised snorkel solos. Ignore the strange looks from other swimmers; they just don’t understand your avant-garde approach to aquatic respiration.

15. The Poolside Fashionista: Swimwear Extravaganza

Why settle for one swimwear ensemble when you can change your look every hour? The Poolside Fashionista is all about making a splash, not just in the water but also in the fashion department. It’s like having your very own runway show by the pool, with each swimwear change eliciting gasps of amazement from your fellow pool-goers. Forget about practicality; embrace the endless possibilities of your swimwear wardrobe and leave everyone else wondering if they missed the memo on poolside fashion trends.

In conclusion, while we’ve covered some outlandish poolside scenarios, it’s crucial to take pool etiquette seriously. Prioritize safety, courtesy, and respect for others when you’re at the public swimming pool. And please, leave the nachos in the designated picnic areas – nobody wants a soggy snack in the water!


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