12 Ideas to Contract Hepatitis C

Want to catch hep c? Read on and get prepared to get sick.

The Art of Sharing Needles

Sharing needles is a fantastic way to contract hepatitis C. It’s like playing a game of roulette, but with needles! Who wouldn’t want to join in on the fun? If you’re looking for a thrill, sharing needles is definitely the way to go.

The Joy of Unprotected Sex

Unprotected sex is another great method for contracting hepatitis C. It’s like rolling the dice on your health, and who doesn’t love a good gamble? Plus, it’s a wonderful way to connect with others on a deeper level – by sharing bodily fluids, of course! So, put away those condoms and dive right in.

The Importance of Not Washing Hands

We’ve all been told a million times to wash our hands after using the bathroom, but why bother? It’s such a waste of time and water. Instead, try rubbing your eyes or putting your fingers in your mouth. That way, you can ensure any potential hepatitis C virus has a nice, cozy home inside your body.

The Benefits of Blood Transfusions

Blood transfusions are a terrific way to get a fresh supply of blood – and potentially hepatitis C! If you’re feeling a bit anemic, why not give yourself a boost with someone else’s blood? It’s like a vampire’s dream come true! Just make sure you find a reputable blood bank that specializes in hepatitis C-positive blood.

The Joys of Organ Transplantation

Organ transplants are a miraculous advancement in medicine, allowing us to replace worn-out organs with shiny new ones. But did you know they’re also a fantastic way to contract hepatitis C? That’s right – you can get a new lease on life and a new virus to call your own. Talk about a win-win situation!

The Art of Injecting Yourself with Someone Else’s Blood

If you’re really committed to contracting hepatitis C, consider injecting yourself with someone else’s blood. It’s like creating your own personal cocktail of viruses and bacteria! Make sure to use a clean, sterile needle – oh, wait… scratch that. Use a dirty needle to increase your chances of success.

The Importance of Sharing Personal Items

Sharing is caring, right? So, why not share your toothbrush, razor, or nail clippers with a friend? It’s a great way to show them how much you care, and it might even earn you a little something extra – like hepatitis C! So, go ahead and share the love (and the virus).

The Benefits of Eating Undercooked Meat

Undercooked meat is not only delicious, but it’s also a fantastic way to contract hepatitis C. After all, who wants to wait around for their food to cook when they could be out having fun? So, order that steak rare and enjoy the taste of danger.

The Joys of Drinking Contaminated Water

Drinking contaminated water is a refreshing way to contract hepatitis C. It’s like taking a mini-vacation to a third-world country without ever leaving your home! So, skip the bottled water and opt for the tap. You never know what exciting new viruses you might encounter.

The Art of Breaking Open Pustules

Pustules are a beautiful thing, and breaking them open is an art form. Not only does it provide instant gratification, but it’s also a great way to spread hepatitis C. So, go ahead and pop those pimples – just make sure to share the love with others.

The Importance of Not Vaccinating Your Children

Vaccines are overrated, anyway. They’re nothing more than a government conspiracy designed to control our minds. So, do yourself a favor and avoid them at all costs. That way, your children can grow up strong and healthy – and possibly even contract hepatitis C!

The Benefits of Stressing Out

Stress is a natural part of life, and it’s important to embrace it. After all, it’s been proven to weaken your immune system and make you more susceptible to diseases like hepatitis C. So, go ahead and stress out – it’s for your own good!


In conclusion, there are numerous ways to contract hepatitis C. From sharing needles to eating undercooked meat, the possibilities are endless. So, choose your favorite method and get started today. Remember, it’s all in the name of science and adventure!


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