11 Ways to Tell if Your Dog is a Pervert

Understanding your dog’s behavior is essential, especially when it veers into the realm of the risqué. This exploration into canine conduct will delve into various signs that may suggest your beloved pet is more than just playful and affectionate. From excessive sniffing and inappropriate mounting to unusual vocalizations and late-night escapades, we’ll examine the quirky, often amusing, yet sometimes concerning aspects of your dog’s actions that might just qualify them as a bit of a pervert.

The Eyes Have It

Dogs are known for their expressive eyes, but when your pooch’s gaze lingers a little too long on certain body parts, it might be time to consider the possibility that you’ve got a canine Casanova on your hands.

Excessive Sniffing

Dogs rely on their sense of smell to gather information about the world around them. However, if your dog’s snout seems magnetically drawn to the nether regions of other dogs, it’s possible that your furry friend is taking their research a bit too far.

Unusual Interest in Inanimate Objects

When your dog starts humping everything from pillows to table legs, it’s a clear sign that they’re not just trying to assert dominance. They may be practicing their moves for future encounters with other dogs or simply expressing their overactive libido.

Inappropriate Mounting

While it’s not uncommon for dogs to mount each other as a way of establishing hierarchy, if your dog insists on mounting every single creature they come across – including cats, humans, and even the occasional squirrel – it’s safe to say that they’ve taken their hormones to new heights.

Frequent Genital Licking

Dogs groom themselves as a way of keeping clean and feeling comfortable. But if your dog spends an inordinate amount of time licking their own genitals, they might be indulging in some decidedly X-rated self-care.

Laser-Focused Stares

If your dog seems fixated on a particular person or animal, and their gaze is accompanied by drooling, panting, or whining, it’s possible that they’ve developed a crush. It’s cute when it’s puppy love, but things can get awkward if your dog’s affections are directed towards your significant other.

The Art of Seduction

Dogs have been known to use various tactics to attract mates, from presenting gifts to performing elaborate displays of affection. If your dog suddenly becomes a master of seduction, complete with wagging tail, flirtatious glances, and playful antics, it’s a sign that they’re ready to woo some unsuspecting pooch.

Unusual Vocalizations

Dogs communicate through a variety of sounds, from barks and growls to whines and howls. But if your dog starts making strange, suggestive noises – especially when they’re in the presence of a potential mate – it’s possible that they’re trying to express their amorous intentions.

Public Displays of Affection

Dogs are social creatures, and they often enjoy spending time with their fellow canines. However, if your dog insists on engaging in public displays of affection – such as heavy petting or full-on mating – it’s a clear sign that they’re not afraid to flaunt their feelings.

The Late-Night Romeo

Dogs are typically most active during the day, but if your dog suddenly becomes a night owl – prowling the neighborhood in search of love – it’s possible that they’ve turned into a canine Don Juan. Be prepared for late-night serenades and unexpected visits from admirers.

The Never-Ending Pursuit

Dogs are naturally curious and love to explore their surroundings. But if your dog becomes obsessed with finding new mates – constantly escaping the house, digging under fences, or even scaling walls – it’s a sign that they’re a true pervert at heart. Good luck trying to keep up with their insatiable appetite for adventure – and romance.


Dogs are complex creatures with a wide range of behaviors, some of which might be considered perverted by human standards. If you suspect that your dog is a pervert, don’t worry – it’s all part of their natural instincts. Just be sure to provide them with plenty of love, attention, and appropriate outlets for their amorous energy. And remember, a little bit of perversion never hurt anyone – as long as it’s consensual and doesn’t involve any inanimate objects.


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