Words of wisdom by Randy Santel

Randy Santel said something in a YouTube video that I found life-changing. He said, “If you’re chewing, you’re wasting time.” Randy is a competitive eater who focuses on challenges that restaurants have. I’ve been watching his YouTube videos quite a bit lately. I don’t watch much TV and like to watch YouTube when I eat lunch and supper. YouTube suggested one of his videos, and ever since I’ve been watching them. He’s had over 700 wins, and that number seems to be growing every day.

I’m becoming a big fan of competitive eating. I think it’s because competitive eating is a sport that we all can relate to. Yes, it is a sport, and competitive eaters are athletes. I have the utmost respect for anyone who can sit through pound after pound of food. I’ve seen Randy eat steaks that were enough for at least ten people. It takes quite a bit of skill to do what he does. I’ve only seen him be disqualified once in a competition. That’s a nice way of saying vomiting. They call that a disqualification in the world of competitive eating.

I find inspiration in the way he tackles big meals. I’ve never once seen anyone eat the way he does. His eating style somewhat reminds me of a snake in that he seems to swallow his food whole. His technique is similar to that of Matt Stonie. But, no one can eat the way Matt does. That guy inhales food at speeds in which no one else can come close. I often wonder how he stays so skinny.

Here is one of my favorite Randy Santel videos. He makes easy work out of this six-pound burrito!


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