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I always used to hate visiting a website and seeing that it was under construction. I seem to remember that this was far more common back in the 90s than it is today. You would frequently visit sites that had a picture that told people that the site was under construction. I keep saying under construction, and I find that bothersome. Not so bothersome that I’ll quit saying under construction. Just bothersome enough to make you want to make a note of it. I never understood why some sites work so hard to tell you that they weren’t completed yet. It was almost as if they expected people to be so stupid as not to understand that the site had limited functionality.


Here is what I hope to do in the near future


I’m currently working on this theme. I don’t know how long it will take. I assume it will take a couple of days to get all of the kinks out. The reason why it will take me so long is that I don’t have the time to sit and do it all at once. I devote a considerable amount of time every day to get lice. No matter if I end up getting it or not, I still set aside some of my precious time in hopes of having a handful of moving critters on my head. I suppose I could use that time for more valuable things like adding more categories here or making it, so the site was not under construction. See, I used that phrase again. I don’t know how many times I plan on using it. I figure if I write a long enough article, maybe I’ll use it 10 or 20 more times. Let’s see how many times I can fit it in before it becomes far too annoying to me.


I’m going to add pictures to the posts as I did in the past. I think people like to look at pictures. I don’t know if the pictures will be pretty, useful, or even enjoyable to look at. I’m going to add pictures more so for myself than anything else. I want to feel like I’m doing something constructive with my time. Somehow adding a picture justifies taking far too long to say too little. I feel tired and hungry right now. If this doesn’t seem to be as coherent as it could be, it could come from a lack of vital nutrients. I’ve been trying to eat healthier, and it never makes you feel as good as you think it would. Sometimes I think the brain works best when you fill it full of sugar, fat, and plenty of preservatives.


I don’t know if the comment system is going to work properly with this theme


It seems like the comments may or may not work properly with the theme that I have set up. I want to make it so people can register and have the comments section more like a forum or a place where people gather. I would also like to allow people to make their own profiles. The plug-in then I’m using right now makes it possible to have several add-ons. I’ve never used the add-ons, and I don’t know if they are worth the small yearly fee that it takes to use them. I’m happy with the plug-in as it is now, and I will try a few add-ons as time goes on. They aren’t too expensive, and I’m sure that they will add functionality to the site and make it more usable for everyone who visits.


I also want to allow Gimmy and aunt Martha to post in the comment section as well. They seem a little reserved at this point, but I have a feeling that will change as soon as the add-ons have been added. I could be wrong; after all, it is hard for a giraffe to type. Notice, I said hard and not impossible. I think that if Gimmy is persuaded enough, he will come and post some comments here. I like to think of him as a shy giraffe, and it takes him a little time to warm up. Most giraffes aren’t around people as much as he is, and it’s going to take him probably a few more years before he is used to being around people. I think he gets sick and tired of everyone wanting to ride his back like he’s a horse. I keep telling him the good thing about the Internet is that no one will be able to do that. They also won’t know that he isn’t wearing a turtleneck sweater. He is still so upset that there isn’t one single manufacture that produces a turtleneck that is long enough to keep his neck warm in the wintertime.


What else is there that needs to be said?


I think that covers about everything. I’m trying to drag this on as far as I can. I know that Google and readers love to read as many words as possible. I wouldn’t mind trying to make this a couple thousand words, but I think I may have something better to do. I’m not sure what that something is, but it probably involves charging a device that lacks enough power to keep it going. I do want to make the posts longer so I can cover more topics in them. I think that a short post may be useful for those who are learning to read using braille. The rest of us can benefit from longer posts that can later be used as compost.


I think this is a good place to end it. I wanted to add more, but I don’t think that it’s going to work out. I’m tired of looking at the screen, and I have other things I can write about. My goal is to write as many posts as possible. I have some pretty good topics that I would like to talk about that I haven’t done so yet. I wish I had the time to create a new post every day, but I’m not sure that I can do that. It’s so much work to sit here and try to come up with word after word. After every paragraph, I feel like someone who has just invented a world-changing invention. I also feel like an ostrich that has just laid an egg.


I’ll see you soon


Don’t get any tattoos that you’ll regret later.



I'm a human being. Usually hungry. I don't have lice.

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