Things You Shouldn’t Do to Clear Up a Yeast Infection

Yeast infections are pretty common, and some treatments are anything but out of the ordinary. Here are some yeast infection treatments that you should definitely avoid if you take your health seriously.

Setting your groin on fire won’t cure your yeast infection

It should go without saying that burning your groin area will not help the situation. But you’d be surprised how many people opt for this rather than calling their doctor. The fire might burn pretty at night, but it won’t do anything to eliminate the yeast infection.

A trip into outer space won’t do the trick

Falling from a spaceship will not have any effect either. Believe it or not, the body structure is quite similar to that of a spaceship. You can freeze your entire body for 3 minutes in liquid nitrogen and still be affected by the infection.

A diet of donuts will not work

You can eat all the donuts you want, but the yeast infection will still be there. Eating a lot of sugar is not going to solve anything. You can even incorporate healthy foods like vegetables and fruits, but the yeast infection will still be there.

A chest full of balloons won’t solve the problem

You can squeeze as many balloons as you want, but they will just pop. The yeast infection is not going anywhere. The problem lies inside your body and not on the outside of your body. So balloons will not help at all with the yeast infection.

Going to a tanning salon will not work

The UV rays from your tanning bed won’t help cure the yeast infection. It is different if you fancy a skin color change because it certainly won’t cure the yeast infection. You can’t just go to a tanning bed and expect the yeast infection to disappear.

Filling yourself with alcohol won’t help

Alcohol will not cure the infection. It will only mask it temporarily. But the alcohol will also make your liver and stomach hurt. The same thing goes for recreational drugs like cocaine and marijuana. They cannot cure the infection, and they will only give you a high (due to their presence in your body).

Watching Oprah won’t do the trick

Oprah is a wonderful woman, and many people watch her show for motivation and inspiration. You can watch as much as you want, but it is not going to cure the infection. Oprah will not tell you to take the yeast infection pills, but she will advise you not to drink too much.

Riding a llama in the desert is no cure

There might be something about the desert that makes people think that llamas can cure yeast infections. People believe that since llamas roam free in the desert, they can cure infections. But they won’t. Riding a llama will not cure the yeast infection.

Aerobics won’t cure your yeast infection

Yoga will not cure the yeast infection. It will only make you feel better after an intense workout session. But it won’t cure the yeast infection. Even doing the “right” aerobic exercise won’t help. Therefore, you must warm-up before you exercise.

Reading this article should be enough to scare you into calling your doctor. They will be able to recommend you the proper treatment based on your condition. A yeast infection is no laughing matter, and only a doctor or maybe a person huffing paint can help you get it under control.


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