The Reasons Why You Should Encourage Your Niece to Get an Abortion if the Father of Her Unborn Baby Is Ugly

If your niece is pregnant and the father of her unborn baby is ugly, you should encourage her to get an abortion. If she has the baby, they’ll most likely have a life-long problem because of how ugly he is. The baby would be made fun of daily on the school bus because the baby will look like him, but if she gets an abortion, they’ll never know how ugly he is.

Here are some more reasons why you should encourage your niece to get an abortion:

1. Her unborn baby will have low self-esteem because they know that they are just an ugly baby.

Think about that for just a second. How would you feel if the father of your baby was ugly? You’d probably be very upset because you know that your unborn baby will get bullied for the rest of his life.

2. If the father is ugly, he’ll probably be an abusive husband later in life.

Women don’t like to be around abusive men, incredibly unattractive abusive men. She might end up leaving him because of his lack of respect for her. If she marries him, she might end up being abused, getting beaten by him daily. It’s better to get an abortion because you don’t want your niece to go through that.

3. Living with an ugly child is not fun.

It will be hard for her to look at the child every day if she has an ugly child because the child will remind her of how ugly he is. That’s just not right, especially for a woman that’s looking forward to giving birth. If she sees an ugly child every day, it might ruin her life completely.

4. Ugly children are prone to depression.

Ugly children will grow up not asking girls out on a date, getting married, or even having a normal job because of how ugly they are. Because of this, they will develop depression. If your niece’s unborn baby is ugly, they will grow up being depressed and have a very miserable life. If your niece gets an abortion, she’ll never see that child grow up to be depressed.

5. The unborn child could be uglier than its father.

If the father of the unborn baby is ugly, he will most likely pass that down to his child. So if your niece’s unborn grandchild is born with a bad case of ugly, your niece will have to look at the ugly child every day. That’s not fair to your niece because she’ll be reminded of how ugly a human being can be.


It’s your niece’s choice to get an abortion or give birth to a child. It’s up to her. If she wants to get an abortion, you should support her decision because it’s better to get an abortion than have a child that looks like its ugly father.

This is an important issue because people there are some very ugly people in this world. Do we really need more? You know the answer to that question. Being ugly is very rude to everyone in the world, especially attractive people.



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