The Pros and Cons of Living with Twenty-Seven Cats

So, you have decided that you want to live with twenty-seven cats. Congratulations! You’re now officially insane. But before you fill your home with feline friends, you should consider the pros and cons of this decision. You may also want to consider visiting a therapist to go over some unsettled issues you may have with commitment, trust, and abandonment.

Here are the pros of living with twenty-seven cats:

1. You will never be lonely again. Ever.

How can you be alone with twenty-seven cats? They will always be there for you, even if they’re just sleeping on your head. They will be your constant companions, and you will never feel lonely again.

2. You will always have someone to talk to.

Cats are great listeners. They will never judge you, and they will always be there to listen to you rant about your day. Your cats won’t care if you talk about how your ex-husband is a jerk or how your boss is an idiot. They will just purr and make you feel better.

3. You will have warm, furry friends to cuddle with.

Cats are the perfect cuddle buddies. They’re soft, warm, and they always smell good. That is if you love the smell of a dirty litter box.

4. You will never have to worry about your furniture being scratched again.

If you live with twenty-seven cats, your furniture will already be covered in scratches. So go ahead and let them use your couch as a scratching post!

5. No one will come and visit you.

Ever. Your friends and family will be so disgusted by your living situation that they will never want to come over to your house again. That means you won’t have to put up with their judgment or criticism ever again!

Now, here are the cons of living with twenty-seven cats:

1. Your house will smell like a litter box.

No matter how often you scoop, your house will always smell like a litter box. And the smell will only get worse as you add more cats to your collection.

2. You will never be able to go to the bathroom in peace.

There will always be a cat in the way, wanting to play with the toilet paper or drink out of the toilet bowl. And good luck trying to take a shower with twenty-seven cats meowing and clawing at the door.

3. You will constantly be covered in cat hair.

No matter how often you vacuum, your clothes and furniture will always be covered in cat hair. You will also find cat hair in your food, in your bed, and even in your teeth.

4. Your house will be full of cat toys, litter boxes, and food bowls.

There will be no room for anything else in your house besides cat stuff. Your furniture will be pushed out of the way to make room for litter boxes, and your walls will be covered in cat climbing shelves.

5. No amount of wine will make living with twenty-seven cats tolerable.

At the end of the day, you’re still a crazy person with twenty-seven cats. It doesn’t matter how drunk you get; you will still have to wake up and deal with the fact that you live with twenty-seven cats.


Living with twenty-seven cats is not for everyone. It’s a big responsibility, and it comes with a lot of challenges. But if you’re ready to smell like a walking litter box day and night, then go for it! You might be insane, but at least you’ll never be alone.


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