The Easiest Ways to Get Money to Buy Lottery Tickets That Don’t Involve Robbing Liquor Stores

How do you get money for lottery tickets without robbing liquor stores? Everybody wants to win the lottery, but not everybody has enough money of their own to buy tickets. Luckily, there are some foolproof tricks to get the money you need. If you don’t feel like robbing liquor stores, read my article, and you’ll be on your way to winning the lottery in no time at all.

1. Sell your breast milk

If you didn’t know this already, breast milk is a wealthy commodity. Nursing mothers have been known to sell their breast milk for as much as $1000 a gallon. Remember, this is just the average price. Some mothers have been known to sell as much as $10,000 a gallon. Just imagine how much money you can make from selling a gallon of breast milk!

Before you start selling, though, try selling it first to your friends and family. You might find that not everyone wants to buy it. It doesn’t matter, though. If you don’t feel like selling it, keep a few bottles inside your bra and sell them regularly to make a little extra money. Just be sure not to export your products, or you might face serious legal trouble.

2. Go downtown and play the banjo

No one can not immediately stop what they’re doing when they hear a banjo being strum. Put an old hat on the ground and encourage people to toss coins in it as they walk by. If you play the banjo in an area with a lot of foot traffic, you might earn enough to get yourself a $20 lottery ticket.

3. Break into houses

If you’re not into that whole online money-making thing, then feel free to break into houses. Just find one that’s near your home and see what’s inside. If you’re lucky, someone might have a cash machine in their basement. And if you’re really lucky, you might find money in the attic. Of course, it’s not likely that houses will contain $100 bills dropped by burglars, but it could be nice to get some change.

4. Get people to give you money

You want to get people to give you money? You don’t have to sell breast milk or break into houses to get money. All you have to do is go door-to-door in your neighborhood and ask for donations. You could even ask people for their change. If you did both, you probably would have enough to buy a few lottery tickets and maybe even feed yourself.

5. Find a wealthy lover

If you can find a wealthy lover, you probably will never have to work again. Your lover could give you money for lottery tickets, food, and even housing. Just make sure that they aren’t psycho. Otherwise, this could end up getting pretty ugly.

6. Get a job at Blockbuster

If you want to make money, try getting a job as a cashier at Blockbuster. If you’re lucky, they’ll even let you make sure the VCR tapes are rewound. If you get a job at Blockbuster, I can guarantee you’ll get to watch a lot of movies. Oh yeah, and you’ll get paid too.

7. Enter a knitting contest

If knitting is your hobby, then enter a knitting contest. I’m not just saying that because of the money, you could win. It’s also fun to knit, and it’s a great way to meet new people. I used this trick myself, and it worked really well. Now I’m a professional knitter, and I get paid to do it.

8. Rent yourself out as a hand model

You could get paid to do hand modeling if you’re good at doing the “thumbs up” sign. All hand models get paid handsomely. Some even make $1000 an hour. If you do good, you’ll get more money than if your talent is more basic. And if you don’t do so well, well, at least you’ll have a crazy life story to tell your grandchildren.

9. Pawn your jewelry

If you don’t want to sell your breast milk, at least pawn your jewelry. That way, you can make some extra money on the side. If you only get $250 for some of your jewelry, then that’s still better than robbing liquor stores.

10. Volunteer as a test subject

If you like having needles stuck in your arm, then you’re going to love this. There are tons of medical companies that pay people to be test subjects. Some people have been known to make a lot of money just by being a test subject. And if you don’t do too badly, they might even pay to take you to lunch.

11. Sell your hair

If you have a lot of hair, you could make a fortune selling it. There are tons of people who use human hair to make wigs and to make extensions. If you’re lucky, you could even sell it to a wig company and make as much as $5000.


The easiest way to get money for lottery tickets is to sell your breast milk, pawn your jewelry, become a hand model or sell your hair. But you can also work at Blockbuster, do lots of online jobs, or even become a test subject. If you want to make money, do what it takes to get enough money for lottery tickets.


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