The Design Sucks

I know the design of this site sucks. I’ve been thinking about this for the past few weeks now. I don’t want my site to look like this anymore. I didn’t like the other design, and I paid money for that one. This design was free, and I like it even less. I’m not too sure what to do about the design right now. I don’t have the time to fool around with it. I’m trying to squeeze in enough time to write posts. It’s a hard thing to do when your pet giraffe keeps asking for a turtle neck sweater. I just can’t break the news to him that they don’t make turtle neck sweaters for giraffes. I don’t know why they don’t. I don’t know who “they” are. I guess I’m referring to the people who make turtle neck sweaters. People probably don’t make them these days. I imagine it’s all machines.

I’m not really someone who thinks in terms of design. I’d be happy wearing the same thing every day. I have no sense of style at all. I just know this site looks terrible. I mean awful. I admit it. I don’t know what to do. I also want to change the comment system around. I don’t like the way it is right now. This whole place could be made better with a couple of slices of pizza. The kind of pizza that’s droopy when you hold it. That’s always the best kind of pizza. I just ate lunch, and I could still eat a droopy slice of pizza.

I plan on changing the design. I didn’t like the other design at all. I bought that design thinking it looked modern. It wasn’t modern at all. Neither are the hairstyles of today. I don’t understand kids these days. It’s like they’re too lazy to come up with their own hairstyles. All they do is mock a period that sucked pretty bad. I don’t want to see any 90’s fashions come back to life. I think they’re best left to rot of old age in the past. That’s where they belong. Leave them be with spoiled bottles of Fruitopia and the clueless people who drank it. Snapple was so much better. Only a fool would ever drink Fruitopia.

The design I have here now I got for free. You get what you pay for. I haven’t had the time to look at designs for sale. I don’t even know where to begin. I kind of want a site that shows some pictures. Maybe videos too. I thought about making animated videos. I really don’t have any idea what I want to do at all. There are a million things I want to do, but don’t have time for any of them. Time is the most precious commodity there is. I wish I had more of it. I also wish I had more steak. I just now wanted to sink my teeth into a juicy steak. I really have the urge to eat steak. Man, I want a steak fresh off the grill right now. Maybe just steak and nothing else. I don’t like the typical things offered up at steak houses. I just want the meat and that’s it.

Sometimes I want to be a blogger. A blogger reminds me of a modern day hobo with class and style. Someone who can afford a laptop computer, but not the drink to get free wifi at a coffee shop. So, you settle for a glass of water from McDonald’s and suck up their wifi. I admire the freedom those guys have to write about anything they want. It must feel great to belittle the world around you while washing it all down with a never-ending free glass of ice water.

Bloggers seem to be a miserable bunch — the type of people who you expect to have face herpes that never leaves. Something is under their skin, just what is anyone’s guess. I like the edge that they have. I lack the wittiness or the desire to mimic their awkward anger that I would typically associate with punk rockers. I’ve always been too lazy to be that angry. I admire their dedication to being mad at what seems like nothing at all. Life, man, that’s what they’re mad at. Me, I just want the free time to be able to have the opportunity to be angry at something.

This blog post was supposed to be about blog design. It got off track. I think this is as good of a place as any to end this. Thanks for reading this far. Have yourself a good day.

41 thoughts on “The Design Sucks

  1. Libretto and Verbosa are free templates you might check into. I don’t know much about blogging but it seems important to find a design you’re happy with.

      1. Yes I do. I’m thinking about starting a trivia type of site. I’m not sure when I’m going to have the metal removed from my elbow. That will play a big role in if or when I begin it. The doctor says that the surgery will only take 30 minutes. I don’t know if I will lose the use of my fingers like last time or not. It took me quite awhile before I could move my fingers. I’m hoping this time isn’t the same. I forgot to ask the doctor while I was there.

    1. I would like to have a site that I’m interested in enough to work on it to make it succeed.

      Everyone always asks me if I plan on saving the metal. I don’t know if they allow you to. If they do, maybe I will. I paid $1200 for the metal. Maybe I could find another use for it. My jaw hit the floor when a physical therapist told me that I would need to have the metal taken out. No one told me anything about it up until that point. I can honestly say that having surgery on my elbow while fully wake and aware was one of the most oddly traumatic things I’ve ever experienced. It’s a real life horror film when they’re drilling into your bone and you aren’t even mildly sedated.

      1. Yikes, that sounds like a nightmare. I’ve had minor surgery with a local sedation but nothing like what you went through. That they didn’t tell you that the metal would have to come out isn’t right. And then they wonder why people don’t trust doctors.

        1. I was going to a physical therapist to told me that I would need to have it taken out. I then spoke to a doctor and he told me that it was the truth. That doctor told me he could make me feel loopy during the surgery. He was a young 70 plus year old guy who made me feel a little uncomfortable. I’m sure he’s a perfectly good surgeon/doctor. It just seems a little odd someone so old would still be working.

  2. Maybe he seemed younger because he had just eaten some ice cream. I had some yesterday and i felt like a giggly teen ager again.

  3. it was called swiss chocolate. I don’t know what made it swiss but it was delicious. My friend had cheesecake ice cream that was pretty good too.

    1. Thank you. I hope you have a good weekend as well. I have a 24 oz Corona in the refrigerator. I’ll drink it while scratching off a bingo ticket.

      1. Excellent! I just remembered i have a 2 dollar bill i was saving. Maybe i’ll buy a ticket with it too.

  4. I’ve already scratched off several bingo tickets. I don’t play any other lottery tickets. A cold beer and a bingo ticket is my ideal way of relaxing in the evening.

    1. Relaxing is important. I feel bad for people who can’t seem to do it. They can’t stop thinking about work or whatever. I’m glad i don’t seem to have that problem.

          1. I just ate a small bag of Ruffles Sour Cream and Cheddar. They’re 59 cents now. They used to be 25 cents. What a rip off.

  5. Very much so. I think that’s true no matter where you are in the world. There are some places where you can eat like a king for just a few dollars. Stuff in Europe is more expensive and it’s cheaper in Asia for example.

      1. I ate Burger King at the airport in San Franciso last week. $9 for a Whopper Jr. combo meal is a rip off. I don’t know if that’s the airport price or the going rate these days for a combo. It’s funny how the cheapest options at an airport are still expensive.

        1. i think california is more expensive for a lot of things, and the airports rip you off even more. You don’t really have a choice unless you bring your own food and who’s gonna do that?
          We were thinking of taking a trip to San Fran but the hotels are too dear–just for a bed/bathroom? it’s annoying.

          1. I couldn’t believe it was almost $9 for a combo meal that wasn’t all that great. There wasn’t even cheese on the sandwich. But, it was hot and food. I could’ve had a beer for $6 more. That was the first Burger King in the USA that I saw that sells beer.

          2. ive never seen a fast-food with beer, it seems weird. The movie theatres sell it even more people driving under the influence just what we need.

    1. It’s actually quite common for fast food restaurants to sell beer in other parts of the world. I was thinking about what you said about how much it costs for a hotel room in San Francisco. I imagine for what you pay there for a few nights you could get a much better hotel for a week or more in another country. I’d think about traveling abroad to save money and be treated like royalty. You’d be surprised what a few hundred dollars can get you.

      1. Yes that’s true. I can pass on San Francisco for now, but I have been wanting to visit the western states for awhile, being from the east coast i’d like to see some of those fabled big skies i’ve always heard about. Plus i have free flights with Southwest cha-ching! I also plan to go to England to see where some of my ancestors are from and also to scatter my mothers ashes.

        1. I’m very sorry to hear about your mom. I want to go to England someday too. Free flights are always good. I’d see the entire world if it were free. You can zip around the world without feeling guilty about not sightseeing enough.

          1. Thank-you, her birthday’s coming up and i miss her. It’s probably a good thing the world isn’t free, but it could be less expensive. I can’t even imagine what disneyland costs now just to get in the gates. Hey did you ever find any 8oclock coffee? i’m having my second cup right now with a piece of raisin cinnamon toast. I hope your day is going well.

  6. I can’t imagine the pain you must be going through right now. I’m always here if you need someone to talk to. I didn’t bring a French press with me. I’ve been drinking instant coffee. I may get some of that coffee to take back with me.

    It all depends on where your free flights can take you. It’s entirely possible for two people to spend a week for just a few hundred dollars in some countries. It really can be surprisingly cheap.

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