Shoplifting hurts all of us

I know how bad you’ve wanted those new sneakers. By the way, I hate the word sneakers. All you can think about are those sneakers. You may have your eye on a new Nintendo game. Is Nintendo still a thing? Anyway, you want a video game bad. So bad, you’re thinking about stealing it. Don’t do that. Why? Sure, new video games are fun to play. You’ll have so much fun playing your brand new video game that cost zero dollars and cents. But, what’s the real cost behind your thieving ways?

Have you ever thought about the people who you’re hurting the most when you steal? Grandmas who live on fixed incomes will have to pay more for their bread. Do you want grandma to go hungry so you can play your video games? She’s already cutting her pills in half. What more do you want out of her? It looks like she’s going to have to take up the new trend of fasting to survive. She’ll pretend to be doing it to lose weight, but it’ll be because you’re too lazy to work a few hours to earn enough money to buy the latest Mario game.

Think twice before you put that cupcake in your pocket. Do you really need a bar of soap so bad that you have to steal it? I wanted to type steel there, but that wouldn’t be correct. I know, it’s my site and I can do what I want. I too fall to peer pressure sometimes. Yes, I understand that you may feel pressured by your peers to shoplift. Don’t do it. Steeling isn’t write, and I can spell anyway I like. Yes, I can.


I'm a human being. Usually hungry. I don't have lice.

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