No one enjoys a cigarette like a pregnant woman does

I was walking down the street the other day when I noticed a pregnant woman pause to light a cigarette. No one on planet earth enjoys a good smoke like a pregnant woman. The look of excitement was plastered all over her face as she stuck the end of the cigarette into the flame. She inhaled the smoke deeply and let it out as if she were sighing. It was so much more than a puff of smoke to this woman. She seemed to enjoy it far more than the average smoker.

She’s smoking for two

It’s easy to forget that a woman who’s pregnant has a living person inside them. That means she’s not only smoking for herself but someone else as well. I wonder if the baby enjoyed the first puff of smoke as much as she did? It would be something if the baby kicked with joy after getting a jolt of glorious nicotine. They should have extra long cigarettes for pregnant women at the same price as the short ones. It almost seems like the woman is getting robbed of the nicotine since she has to share it with her baby. The sacrifices moms make for their children sometimes leaves me speechless.

The cigarette smoke smelled of premium tobaccos

A cigarette made of premium tobaccos smells differently than that off-brand smokes. The smoke had hints of chocolate, sandalwood, and mango. I felt so alive as I walked through the clouds of her second-hand smoke. I’ve never been so happy to inhale the carcinogens of tobacco smoke before. The odor my body was wafting in was one that must have been created by a master blender. It was nothing short of a pleasure to share such a wonderful cloud of smoke with a woman and her unborn child.


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3 years ago

She was probably going to have a baby boy and he is the nicotine addict. Why everybody blames the woman for everything, especially the pregnant ones? The father is the smoker of the family and now she is forced to smoke against her will, I am sure! Babies have weird cravings and the mother has to give up on herself in her future’s child favour. Yay

3 years ago

Why to keep both hands occupied? And how to light ’em? For twins 2 in one hand, no complications! (the kids would have a fight who’s cig. is she smoking first).

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