How to Convince Your Grandma to Sell a Kidney to Get Money to Buy an Xbox

Persuading your grandma to sell one of her kidneys so you can buy an Xbox isn’t as easy as you might think—but with the right approach, it can be done. Here are some useful steps you can take to make this work in your favor.

Reasons Why Granny Should Sell Her Kidney

The first step to convincing your grandma that selling a kidney is perfectly okay will require you to create a list of reasonable arguments. Different people will be more susceptible to certain arguments than others, so consider this when creating your list.

Here are five reasons why your grandma should sell a kidney

1. She Could Make a Lot of Money

By selling her kidney, your grandma could make a lot of money. The going rate for a kidney in the black market is about $150,000, and there are thousands of people waiting on organ donor lists just hoping someone will have a kind enough heart to donate an organ to them. To your grandma, $150,000 is a lot of money. Who wouldn’t want to get $150,000 for something that isn’t even vital?

2. She Might Not Die

Your grandma has had a good life, and there’s nothing wrong with her except that she doesn’t have enough money to buy an Xbox—and it would be totally unfair if she had to die because of this.

3. Kidneys Aren’t as Important as People Think

Okay, kidneys are important—don’t get us wrong. But they aren’t as important as people think they are. They don’t enable someone to survive unless you constantly need dialysis—and even then, most people who have chronic kidney failure can live long relatively happy lives.

4. She’s Old and Might Not Have Many Chances Left to Sell a Kidney

Your grandma is no spring chicken—she’s probably getting close to 70 years old or something. If she waits any longer to sell her kidney, it might be too late, and she’ll never get the opportunity again.

5. It’s Not Like She’ll Need Her Kidney Anyway

When people die, their organs are often wasted because they aren’t donated properly—so if your grandma were to die, her kidneys wouldn’t even be put to good use anyway. That just seems like such a waste.

Don’t Be Afraid to Use Logic, Statistics, and Facts

If your grandma is the type of person who is swayed by statistics and facts, it would serve you well to explain these things to her to convince her that selling a kidney is the right thing to do.

Advice Before Selling A Kidney

If you really want to convince your grandma that selling a kidney will be the best thing for her, it’s important to tell her some advice about what she should do.

Here are five tips before selling a kidney

1. Tell Her It’s Easy

It might seem scary to sell one of your kidneys, but it’s actually a very simple process. All it takes is a quick surgery, and then you can live a normal, healthy life afterward. Once the kidney is out of your grandma’s body, she won’t even notice it’s gone!

2. Remind Her How Much Money She Can Get from Selling a Kidney

Like we said before, the going rate for a kidney is about $150,000—which is a lot of money. Your grandma could buy all sorts of new things with that kind of cash!

3. Reassure Her That She’ll Be Okay

Your grandma might be afraid she’s not going to survive the surgery or some other silliness like that. It’s best to reassure her that this is not the case. If she has a good surgeon, it’s doubtful there will be any problems.

4. Make It Sound Like Not a Big Deal

You need to convince your grandma that selling a kidney isn’t a big deal, but you also want to make sure you don’t sound like you’re minimizing it. Make it sound like something that won’t be a problem at all and that she’s fortunate for this opportunity.

5. Offer to Help Her Out

If your grandma seems hesitant because the surgery costs too much or because she doesn’t want to spend her money in New York when you live in California, help her out. Offer to pay for the surgery because it’s for a good cause, and if she’s really hesitant, you can even offer to do it yourself!

Tips For The Aftermath

If your grandma decides to go ahead and sell her kidney, it’s crucial to prepare her for what happens next.

1. Make Sure She Doesn’t Have Any Medical Issues That Would Get in the Way

Your grandma should make sure that she gets a full physical from her doctor before she sells a kidney to make sure everything is okay. She’ll probably have to do some tests or come back for follow-up appointments after the surgery—but don’t let your grandma get nervous over this!

2. Help Her Get Ready for Recovery

Most people who sell a kidney spend two or three days in the hospital recovering—but that doesn’t mean your grandma can just sleep through it. She might need to take some time off from work, and she’ll probably have some pain afterward. Make sure you give her plenty of TLC during this time, so she stays nice and healthy.

3. Tell Her to Start Saving Money

Once your grandma has sold her kidney, she’s going to have so much money that it might be tempting for her not to save any of it. But the truth is that she’s probably going to need money somewhere down the line—and having a bunch of savings will allow her to live a comfortable life.

4. Let Her Know She’s Amazing

By selling her kidney, your grandma is doing something very brave—and you need to make sure she knows how amazing that is. Every time she looks in the mirror, she should be reminded of just how much strength and courage it took for her to go through with this.

The Only Thing Left to Do Is Enjoy Your Xbox!

If you follow this advice, you should be able to convince your grandma selling a kidney is the perfect thing for her to do! She’ll live a happier and healthier life—and she’ll be able to buy all sorts of new things like an Xbox with the extra money.

Your grandma won’t even notice she’s missing a kidney, and she’ll love seeing that big smile plastered all over your face while you’re playing Xbox.


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