Five Modern-Day Miseries You Can’t Blame on Unicorns

The idea of unicorns is romantic. The idea of unicorns helps us to see the potential hidden in everyday things. The concept of unicorns not only creates visions of a dream, but they also give the hope that anything is possible. In a world of troubles, the unicorn is the ideal animal to save us from our troubles.

Unfortunately, not everything can be saved by a unicorn. In fact, some things cannot be saved at all. In a world where unicorns don’t exist, five modern-day miseries could not be blamed on unicorns. These are the things that we experience in our everyday lives that do not have a solution.

1. The seven-year itch

The seven-year itch is a real thing. The next time you are really happy with your husband or wife, someone will say to you, “Why are you so loyal to them?” The questioner should be worried that their spouse may commit adultery. The only way to avoid the seven-year itch is by never marrying.

2. Photo altering apps

Photo-altering apps are probably the evilest thing to happen to humanity since the invention of fire. Some apps alter your photos to make them look better. Others alter the color of the people in the photo to make them look happier. Still, others alter your wife’s face so that she can have a different hairstyle or change her eyes so that they have a different color.

If we had a magic wand and we could make the apps disappear, we would be extremely happy. But, unfortunately, there is no such thing as a magic wand.

3. People standing in the middle of the sidewalk

We live in a world that is all about convenience. Our cars, phones, and even kitchen appliances are designed to save time and make our lives easier. We can’t always rely on technology to save us. Sometimes we need to rely on our own effort.

Most of the time, the only reason people are stuck in the middle of the sidewalk is that they are too lazy to walk to the other side of the street.

4. The noise of people chewing

The most annoying sounds in the world are the noises that people make when they are eating. The sounds of chewing, slurping, and smacking lips can all be destroyed by a simple trick. All you have to do is plug your ears with cotton balls. The cotton balls will help protect your hearing so that you can avoid the noise.

5. Women with big feet

Female feet are designed to make a man love a woman. A woman’s feet are a sign that she is ready to care for a man and start a family. Unfortunately, the feet of some women are so large that they become unattractive.

The feet of a woman can be so large that they seem like they belong to a man. There is no way to explain the unwieldy size of a woman’s feet. Unfortunately, there is no viable solution for this problem.

The unicorn is a myth. But we can still keep our hopes up by wishing for things that cannot be wished for.


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