Fat people are NOT lazy

I get so sick and tired of hearing how everyone always says fat people are lazy. They aren’t lazy, and I can prove it. I stayed at a resort during my vacation last week, and it had an all you can eat buffet. All of those fat people broke their neck to eat as much as they could. They went bananas over the meatballs. Anyone who works that hard to shovel food into their pie hole isn’t lazy. I saw it with my own eyes. Sure, they may like to eat food that doesn’t require much chewing. But, they’ll hustle and break a sweat to get to the buffet while a worker is putting out a fresh pan of fried fish. I admire their dedication and bravery when it comes to fending off each other for the last grain of rice. It’s a battle to the finish when there are several people and only one chicken wing left in the pan. I’m always in awe when such a sacrifice is made in the quest for fowl.


I'm a human being. Usually hungry. I don't have lice.

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