Did you notice any of the new changes?

You may notice some changes are going on around here. The changes aren’t anywhere near done. I’m still trying to figure out what I want to do. I think things will be going in the direction I want them soon. You’ll have to excuse a little sawdust and things not working properly. I always hated in the 90’s when people said their site was under construction. It seemed worse in the 90’s as they put up the little icons and all of that. It was cheesy. Today people would think that’s retro. The only people who are into retro stuff are the ones who weren’t alive when the trend was trending. If they were alive, they certainly wouldn’t want to bring it back.

I’ve wanted to find people all over the world to help me create YouTube videos. I think I’ll begin doing that in a week or two. I have some really fun ideas that hopefully will turn into more. I enjoy watching YouTube and would like to do something there. That site is where all the action is right now. There isn’t a person reading this who doesn’t watch YouTube videos. I can’t think of another site where everyone goes.

I want to have categories here on my site, and I’ll probably list them on the right-hand side. The categories will make it easier for people to navigate this site. I want to create something that’s more like a homepage from yesteryear and not a blog. Homepages used to be a mix match of things that interested people — blogging kind of sucks. I don’t know why the idea of having a blog makes me not want to do it. I guess I don’t have it in me to go to the coffee shop and use their free wifi while drinking a glass of ice water. I always think of bloggers as people who think too highly of themselves and rarely accomplish anything. They’re the same people who read terrible poems at open mic nights at places you’d rather not be. I imagine Dobie Gillis is there reciting poetry in a haze while people take him far too serious.

I’m also thinking about branching out and being on more social media platforms. I think that would be a great way of getting more traffic to this site. I have big hopes for this site. I’ll talk about that at a later date. I have things to do. I’m going to go now and have the doctor take a look at my wound from surgery. I think he wants to make sure there’s no infection or anything like that. All is going well with my elbow. I’m in much less pain now that I’ve had some of the metal removed. It was a terrible procedure. I’ll have to tell you all about that one of these days. I was awake when they put the metal in and also awake when they took some of it out. It’s such a weird feeling to be split open and have someone working on your bones while you’re wide awake.


I'm a human being. Usually hungry. I don't have lice.

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