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Don’t lick ice cream and put it back on the shelf

I know how tempting it can be to want to lick ice cream at the store. Remember, I’m the guy who is always looking out for the ice cream truck. It could be in the middle of winter, and I’ll tell Gimmy to keep his eye out for the ice cream truck. Ice cream is some good stuff, and I would never deny that fact for a split second.

Whatever you do, don’t lick the ice cream and put it back on the shelf. It doesn’t matter if you end up buying the ice cream. Lenise Martin III made a video of himself licking and poking a container of ice cream at the store. He paid for the ice cream and still got in trouble — it kind of sucks to be him. He probably should’ve waited to lick and poke the ice cream at home. You’re allowed to poke ice cream as much as you want in the privacy of your own home.

I have a feeling this is going to become a trend like the Tide Pod Challenge. I still have nightmares thinking about that. Hopefully, it won’t go that far. I know all of you want to lick as much ice cream as possible. I want to give you all a little fatherly advice and say don’t do it. Sure, it’s hilarious, and the internet loves it. But, it’s just not worth it. Go out there and find yourself something else to lick. Preferably something you own or something no one would mind you licking.

An introduction to LiceCoin

I briefly spoke on Twitter today about my hope to start a cryptocurrency called LiceCoin. I’m not an expert in cryptocurrency. I don’t even know how to create one. That doesn’t stop someone determined to do something. Take a good look at this site, for example. It’s full of all kinds of mistakes and whatnot. It doesn’t stop me from pretending it’s the best thing since Do you remember how great that site was? I fondly remember playing checkers there. That site has fallen quite a bit since its glory days.

I don’t want people to hodl or hold LiceCoin. Hodl is the way crypto kiddies say hold. You have to learn the lingo to be a part of the industry. I’d like to have a cryptocurrency that people are itching to use. I can’t figure out what purpose a coin has if no one is spending it. I’m not even going to try to take on Bitcoin. I can’t tell if you’re supposed to capitalize the B in Bitcoin or not. For the record, it’s LiceCoin. The L and C are both capitalized.

I wanted to set the record straight before someone else come along and claimed their stake in LiceCoin. It’s bound to happen. You know how these bandits are. I don’t know what LiceCoin is going to be all about. I want it to make me some money. I think that’s the most important thing about it. I don’t know how much money I want to make from it. Maybe enough to buy a medium size yacht. Not something small or a yacht that’s too big. I think it’s best to be humble when it comes to such things. I can’t think of a good reason to start a cryptocurrency if it doesn’t put some loot in my pocket.