Month: March 2019

The Design Sucks

I know the design of this site sucks. I’ve been thinking about this for the past few weeks now. I don’t want my site to look like this anymore. I didn’t like the other design, and I paid money for that one. This design was free, and I like it even less. I’m not too sure what to do about the design right now. I don’t have the time to fool around with it. I’m trying to squeeze in enough time to write posts. It’s a hard thing to do when your pet giraffe keeps asking for a turtle neck sweater. I just can’t break the news to him that they don’t make turtle neck sweaters for giraffes. I don’t know why they don’t. I don’t know who “they” are. I guess I’m referring to the people who make turtle neck sweaters. People probably don’t make them these days. I imagine it’s all machines.

I’m not really someone who thinks in terms of design. I’d be happy wearing the same thing every day. I have no sense of style at all. I just know this site looks terrible. I mean awful. I admit it. I don’t know what to do. I also want to change the comment system around. I don’t like the way it is right now. This whole place could be made better with a couple of slices of pizza. The kind of pizza that’s droopy when you hold it. That’s always the best kind of pizza. I just ate lunch, and I could still eat a droopy slice of pizza.

I plan on changing the design. I didn’t like the other design at all. I bought that design thinking it looked modern. It wasn’t modern at all. Neither are the hairstyles of today. I don’t understand kids these days. It’s like they’re too lazy to come up with their own hairstyles. All they do is mock a period that sucked pretty bad. I don’t want to see any 90’s fashions come back to life. I think they’re best left to rot of old age in the past. That’s where they belong. Leave them be with spoiled bottles of Fruitopia and the clueless people who drank it. Snapple was so much better. Only a fool would ever drink Fruitopia.

The design I have here now I got for free. You get what you pay for. I haven’t had the time to look at designs for sale. I don’t even know where to begin. I kind of want a site that shows some pictures. Maybe videos too. I thought about making animated videos. I really don’t have any idea what I want to do at all. There are a million things I want to do, but don’t have time for any of them. Time is the most precious commodity there is. I wish I had more of it. I also wish I had more steak. I just now wanted to sink my teeth into a juicy steak. I really have the urge to eat steak. Man, I want a steak fresh off the grill right now. Maybe just steak and nothing else. I don’t like the typical things offered up at steak houses. I just want the meat and that’s it.

Sometimes I want to be a blogger. A blogger reminds me of a modern day hobo with class and style. Someone who can afford a laptop computer, but not the drink to get free wifi at a coffee shop. So, you settle for a glass of water from McDonald’s and suck up their wifi. I admire the freedom those guys have to write about anything they want. It must feel great to belittle the world around you while washing it all down with a never-ending free glass of ice water.

Bloggers seem to be a miserable bunch — the type of people who you expect to have face herpes that never leaves. Something is under their skin, just what is anyone’s guess. I like the edge that they have. I lack the wittiness or the desire to mimic their awkward anger that I would typically associate with punk rockers. I’ve always been too lazy to be that angry. I admire their dedication to being mad at what seems like nothing at all. Life, man, that’s what they’re mad at. Me, I just want the free time to be able to have the opportunity to be angry at something.

This blog post was supposed to be about blog design. It got off track. I think this is as good of a place as any to end this. Thanks for reading this far. Have yourself a good day.