19 Ways to Make Your Cat Do Chores

Imagine a world where your feline friend willingly joins the workforce, contributing their talents to household chores. While it might sound like a purr-fectly absurd idea, we’re here to explore the 19 ways you can make your cat lend a paw around the house. After all, in a world where the unexpected happens daily, why not put your cat to work?

1. The Feline Feeder

Cats have mastered the art of mealtime enthusiasm, especially when it involves the sound of kibble hitting their bowl. So, why not put that enthusiasm to work? Attach a small bell to their food dispenser, and voilà, you’ve got yourself a furry dinner bell. Your cat’s new job? Announce dinner time with a melodious jingle.

2. The Mopping Moggy

Does your floor need a good scrub? Well, your cat’s tail is like a built-in mop! Simply dip it in some soapy water, and let your feline friend prance around the house, swishing away dirt and grime. Just be sure to have a towel on hand for the post-mopping fluff-fest.

3. The Sock Sorter

Lost socks in the laundry? Not anymore! Train your cat to be a sock-sorting extraordinaire. Toss a pile of mismatched socks and let your kitty go to town. Who knows, they might even find that elusive sock-stealing monster hiding in the lint trap.

4. The Bedtime Butler

Ever wanted a butler to tuck you in at night? Well, your cat can do just that. Train them to gently pat your face when it’s time to hit the hay. Beware, though, they might also demand late-night snacks in return for their services.

5. The Remote Ruler

Cats are known for their insatiable curiosity, so why not put it to good use? Teach your cat to locate the TV remote whenever it goes missing. Just don’t be surprised if they start binge-watching kitten videos when you’re not looking.

6. The Feline Feng Shui

Tired of rearranging your furniture? Let your cat take over as the in-house interior decorator. They’ll effortlessly knock over vases, shift cushions, and create a bold new look that screams “modern chaos.”

7. The Paw-tographer

In the age of selfies, your cat can step up their game. Equip them with a tiny camera around their collar and let them capture the world from their unique perspective. You’ll get a glimpse of your cat’s secret life, full of naps and squirrel-chasing escapades.

8. The Bathtub Boatman

Bath time is a chore many dread, but not your cat! With their natural aversion to water, they’ll gladly take over as the official “bath inspector.” They’ll sit on the edge of the tub, offering moral support while you battle the bubbles.

9. The Gardening Guru

Are you tired of weeding your garden? Enlist your cat as the official weed inspector. Watch as they pounce on every unwelcome plant, transforming your garden into a feline-approved paradise. Just beware of overzealous digging.

10. The Keyboard Composer

Working from home? Your cat can be your musical muse. Train them to type random keys on your keyboard, creating a symphony of gibberish that’s sure to impress your colleagues during virtual meetings.

11. The Dishwasher Diver

Turn dishwashing into an Olympic sport by letting your cat dive into the dishwasher to inspect every plate and utensil. Their impeccable standards will ensure spotless dishes, although a few cat hairs might sneak in as garnish.

12. The Bookworm Buddy

Tired of reading alone? Your cat can be your literary companion. Place them on your lap as you dive into a book, and they’ll offer insightful commentary by batting at the pages and occasionally taking a nibble.

13. The Alarm Cat

Struggling to wake up in the morning? Train your cat to be your personal alarm clock. They’ll purr loudly in your ear, bat at your face, and generally ensure you never sleep through another alarm.

14. The Closet Critic

Shopping for clothes online? Invite your cat to be your fashion consultant. They’ll give honest feedback by either curling up on your chosen outfit in approval or knocking it off the hanger in disdain.

15. The Laundry Lint Liberator

Cat hair on your clothes driving you crazy? Teach your cat to patrol the laundry room and liberate your garments from lint. Just make sure they don’t confuse lint for an afternoon snack.

16. The Shoe Shine Specialist

Is your shoe collection in dire need of a polish? Let your cat become the shoe shine specialist. They’ll enthusiastically knead and lick your shoes, making them shiny and ready for your next outing.

17. The Remote Cuddle Dispenser

Miss the warmth of human contact? Train your cat to cuddle on command. Whenever you feel lonely, simply say the word, and your cat will leap into your arms, ready for a snuggle session. Just be prepared for an unexpected catnap.

18. The Tech Support Tailor

Need help with computer issues? Your cat can become your in-house tech support. They’ll sit on your desk, swatting at the mouse and keyboard while simultaneously batting away your stress.

19. The Superhero Sidekick

Lastly, why not have your cat become your crime-fighting sidekick? Dress them in a tiny superhero cape and mask, and let them patrol the neighborhood, keeping it safe from villainous squirrels and sneaky mice.


While it might be a tad unrealistic to expect your cat to become a domestic superhero, it’s always fun to imagine the possibilities. Remember, your furry friend already does plenty around the house, from keeping you company to providing endless entertainment. So, while they may not tackle chores, they certainly make life a whole lot more interesting.


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