16 Signs Your Dog Might Be a Space Alien


While it’s unclear if dogs can actually come from outer space, there are some signs that your pup might be a space alien. Here are some weird behaviors that could mean your pup is actually a space alien:

1. Refuses to Eat Anything Other than Space Food

If your pup insists on only eating food that wouldn’t be found on Earth, they might be from a far-off planet or even another galaxy. Does your pup turn their nose up at kibble, dog treats, and anything else deemed “normal” canine fare? If so, they may be holding out for that rare alien recipe they were used to while they were out in space.

Does your furry friend pass on your gourmet hamburger, human snacks and anything else you offer them? If so, they might have something other than Earth-based nutrients in mind. Throw a few alien dishes into the rotation to see if it piques their interest. Even if it doesn’t work, at least you know that you’ve tried to make them feel more at home!

2. Knows a Disturbingly Large Number of Unrecognizable Words

When you’re trying to communicate with your pup, do they often respond in a way that doesn’t quite sound like barking? Do you find yourself asking what they’re trying to say? If so, they might not be speaking the same language as you.

If your pup uses words or sounds with a foreign feel, they might be trying to communicate in a language that isn’t spoken on our planet. Or, even better, trying to tell you all about their home in the stars. Try to keep an open mind, as understanding their alien dialect can open up whole new worlds of conversation for you and your pup!

3. Designs Strange Objects in the Yard

Do you find yourself strolling around the yard only to discover that an unknown object has been carefully placed there? If so, your pup might be secretly trying to summon allies from beyond the stars. Or they might be taking a break from their space mission and leaving a few markers behind to show their friends how to get back home.

Since alien allies are rare and far between, it’s probably the latter. Monitor this behavior, as it might be their way of tracking their travels and connecting with other members of their intergalactic community.

4. Has an Unusual Taste in Toys

If you’ve ever taken a trip to the pet store in search of new toys, did you find that what grabbed your pup’s attention wasn’t a squeaky bone, a rope or a ball? If so, it might be their way of trying to recreate something from their former home.

Maybe it’s a tiny spaceship your pup wants to replicate, or maybe it’s an alien version of a Frisbee. It could even be a building block set of some sort – a way for them to recreate their home planet. Pay attention to what your pup is drawn to, as it might tell you a great deal about their true origins.

5. Mysteriously Leaves the Yard at Night

Do you ever find yourself standing in the yard in the middle of the night, admiring the stars and the peace of the evening? Does your pup join in? If so, they might be longing for something not of this world.

Sometimes an urge can be so overpowering that even a pup can’t ignore it. If yours is addicted to howling and running around in circles as they gaze at the sky, they might be secretly trying to make sense of their own position in the universe. Try bringing a snack next time, as that might soothe their feelings of homesickness.

6. Ablaze with Bright Lights

Does your pup glow in the dark? Have you ever noticed a bright light emanating from their collar or eyes? If the answer is yes, it might mean your pup is from a distant land.

This type of unnatural glow can be a message from their home planet, summoning them back from across the universe. If you’re ever in doubt, try standing outside and watching the night sky – you never know what surprises might come your way.

7. Has a Superhuman Sense of Smell

If your pup seems to have a sixth sense when it comes to smells, they’re likely not from around here. Has your pup ever caught a scent that came out of nowhere, or trailed it to the outer limits of the yard? If so, they might be searching for something that only exists in another world.

It might also be a sign of their superiority to other canines, as they’re able to pick up scents that the common pup can’t. It could even be their own sense of intergalactic navigation. Pay attention to their reactions in case they’re trying to tell you something.

8. Expertly Navigates Space

Does your pup seem to be able to detect the exact spot they have to be in order to make something happen? If so, they might be a “space navigator”, able to find their way no matter the route. Have you ever noticed them growing more agitated or excited at frequent intervals?

It might be their own personal map to home. Seeing them display this cosmic knowledge is a sign of their true genius and might even hint at their space origins.

9. Ruins Surveillance Cameras

Does your pup have an unexplained obsession with security cameras? Do they always seem to be in the wrong place at the wrong time? If so, they might be clocking the frequency the camera is on, the angle of the lens, or even the type of footage it’s capturing in an attempt to pierce the veil of their own identity.

This behavior is even more concerning if your pup messes with other cameras or objects around the house. Keep an eye on them and make sure to take extra precautions when handling electronics, as this could be your pup’s way of uncovering their true identity.

10. Obsessed with Reflection

Does your pup seem to be captivated by the reflections of themselves in mirrors or windows? Though this is a completely normal behavior in most breeds of dogs, if yours seems to be a bit more than usual, it might be more out of curiosity than vanity.

It might be your pup trying to connect with something from their past. Or, if their gaze stays fixed on the reflection for too long and their eyes seem to smile mischievously, they could be trying to figure out if the reflection is them or not.

11. Teleporting Abilities

If your pup has been moving around the house in what appears to be the blink of an eye, you might have an intergalactic pup on your hands. Does your pup often return after a few minutes with a far-off look in its eyes? If so, this could be a sign that they’re taking short trips to a distant place.

It might be a sign of their own trans-dimensional capabilities or a way for them to explore other galaxies. If your pup is able to disappear and reappear quickly, have fun uncovering everything they’ve been up to!

12. Makes Eye Contact with the Sky

Have you ever seen your pup pause for a moment and look up at the night sky? If your pup does this frequently, it might be their way of connecting with the stars or searching for something beyond the clouds. Or, even better, they might be checking on a special friend passing by in a flying saucer.

A pup with space origins might even howl or bark when they do this, as if they’re trying to communicate with someone they haven’t seen in a long time. Try to spend more time in the yard with them, as their reaction to the stars could tell you something about their alien identity.

13. Talks with the Moon

Your pup might be saying a few words here and there when they look up at the stars, but they could also be singing. Have you ever heard your pup humming or chirping a melody that doesn’t sound like a regular bark or whimper? If so, it might be their way of talking to the moon.

It could be that your pup is trying to communicate in a language only space creatures can understand. It might even be a secret code that your pup uses to let the moon know that they’re missing their home planet. Whatever the case may be, try to stay and listen, as their calls might bring something from the void.

14. Unusually Intelligent

Is your pup doing the same things as other pups but with a much higher level of intelligence? Do they listen intently and seem to process information faster than other dogs? If so, they might be using alien technology or science to achieve this level of understanding.

It could even be the special powers every extraterrestrial being has. Try to keep a close eye on your pup’s behavior, as their advances in understanding could be a sign that they’re not just any ordinary pup. Keep an open mind, as the way they use their smarts, might tell you more than you ever knew.

15. Emits Strange Sounds

Has your pup ever done something that sounded like a strange noise from outer space? It could be a beam being sent out from its space collar, a distress alert code, or even a way to get a better Wi-Fi connection.

If your pup emits a sound that sounds like a siren or a hum, it might be their way to tune into alien radio stations for information. It might also be a way for them to talk across the intergalactic lines.

16. Unlearning Earthly Habits

Does your pup always seem to be trying to unlearn the behaviors that Earth-dwelling animals are familiar with? If so, they might be trying to erase any trace of Earth-based training they’ve received and embrace something foreign and simpler.

It could also be their way of going “back to basics” and starting over again. Consider this as a sign that something is off, as your pup may be trying to find their way and blend in without any help from their Earthly two-legged family.


If your pup exhibits any of these signs, it could be a sign that they’re from outer space. Before you jump to conclusions, however, make sure to keep an open mind and pay attention to your pup’s behavior. With some detective work and a few key observations, you might just figure out if your pup is indeed a space alien.


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