15 Fun Activities to Enjoy While Having Diarrhea

When an unexpected digestive dilemma strikes, why not turn it into an opportunity for creativity and self-expression? From crafting origami toilet paper art to composing a symphony on the toilet seat, there’s a world of inventive possibilities to explore during your bathroom break. Embrace the unexpected and discover the art of making the most of your time in the restroom!

1. Origami Toilet Paper Art

When life gives you diarrhea, make origami toilet paper art! Sure, it’s not as glamorous as creating a crane, but let’s face it: you’ve got time on your hands. And hey, who knows? You might just discover a hidden talent for folding intricate designs from three-ply.

2. Bathroom Selfie Marathon

If you’re going to be spending quality time with porcelain, why not document the journey? Strike a pose, pout your lips, and snap away. Just remember to clean your phone afterward – no one wants a case covered in germs!

3. Create a Toilet Paper Fort

Embrace your inner child and build a cozy fortress around your throne. Stock up on supplies ( extra toilet paper, magazines, snacks) and prepare for an epic standoff against… well, boredom.

4. Master the Art of Fart Origami

It’s a well-known fact that flatulence comes with the territory when dealing with diarrhea. Instead of letting those gaseous emissions go to waste, try your hand at fart origami. It’s like regular origami but smellier and less visually appealing.

5. Write a Symphony on the Toilet Seat

Tap into your musical genius by composing a symphony using only the rhythmic tapping of your fingers on the toilet seat. Bonus points if you can come up with a catchy name for your opus, like “The Diarrhea Dirge” or “The Porcelain Polka.”

6. Learn a New Language (in the Bathroom)

Use this unexpected free time to expand your linguistic horizons. Download a language learning app and practice your newfound skills while perched upon your porcelain throne. Who knows? You might just become fluent in Mandarin or Spanish by the time your bout of diarrhea is over.

7. Toilet Paper Fashion Show

Give Project Runway a run for its money by designing your own haute couture outfits made entirely of toilet paper. Strut your stuff in front of the mirror and imagine the gasps of awe from your adoring fans (who are hopefully not actually in the bathroom with you).

8. Test Your Memory with Toilet Trivia

Challenge your brain by seeing how many facts you can remember about toilets and bathrooms throughout history. Did you know that the ancient Romans used a sponge on a stick to clean themselves after using public latrines? Now that’s a fun fact!

9. Write a Poem about Diarrhea

Channel your inner poet and express your feelings about your current predicament through verse. Share your masterpiece with friends and family, who will no doubt be touched by your heartfelt words and grateful they’re not in your shoes (or should we say, sitting in your seat).

10. Become a Bathroom Yogi

Find inner peace and strength through the practice of bathroom yoga. Master poses like “Downward-Facing Toilet” and “Plumbing Pose” as you find solace in the sanctuary of your porcelain palace.

11. Create a Toilet Paper Time Capsule

Capture the memories of your time spent on the throne by creating a toilet paper time capsule. Fill it with mementos like used tissues, magazine clippings, and doodles, then hide it away for future generations to discover.

12. Invent a New Board Game

Use your newfound free time to create a board game that celebrates the triumphs and tribulations of dealing with diarrhea. Invite friends over for a rousing game night, complete with themed snacks and prizes for the winners.

13. Write a Letter to Your Future Self

Reflect on your current situation and write a letter to your future self, offering words of encouragement and advice for the next time diarrhea strikes. Seal it in an envelope, label it “Do Not Open Until Next Bathroom Emergency,” and tuck it away for safekeeping.

14. Solve the World’s Problems

With all this time on your hands, why not tackle some of the world’s most pressing issues? Brainstorm solutions for climate change, world peace, and the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe – after all, a genius mind is a terrible thing to waste.

15. Practice Your Stand-Up Routine

Use this opportunity to hone your comedy skills by crafting jokes about your current situation. Once you’re feeling better, unleash your new material on an unsuspecting audience and bask in the laughter and applause.


When nature calls unexpectedly, turn bathroom breaks into a quirky adventure. Explore creative ways to pass the time and make the most of your restroom moments. So, let your inner imagination run wild, and you’ll never see bathroom breaks the same way again!


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