10 Signs Your Girlfriend Is Cheating on You With a Mcdonald’s Employee

The moment you see the words “your girlfriend is cheating on you with a McDonald’s employee,” your heart will stop. All of your worst fears come true. You’ll feel numb, devastated, and completely defeated. It’s a cruel and harsh reality to come to terms with. Even if you’re far removed from the relationship, you’ll still feel the pain. The blackmail or betrayal will still linger in your heart, mind, and soul. It’ll be like a lingering cloud that follows you throughout the day.

But you’re smart. You know that you should know something is wrong, even if you were away from the relationship. You should have a clue that your girlfriend is cheating simply by observing her behavior. It’s vital to know when she’s cheating because your relationship is in big trouble if you don’t.

It can be detrimental in all kinds of ways, even if it may not seem that egregious in retrospect. It’s never good to be blindsided by things like this. You should be careful and notice everything about your girlfriend’s behavior.

How can you tell if your girlfriend is cheating on you with a McDonald’s employee? Here are ten signs that will give it to you straight…

1. She’s spending money like crazy

It’s almost like she can’t help herself. It’s like an addiction. She doesn’t know how to quit. She’s constantly on the phone talking to her friend, ordering pizza, or ordering more food for you and your friends. She wants to take everyone out to eat, and she’s constantly doing so.

2. She’s getting ready in a hurry

You’ll catch her with a big bag of McDonald’s in the morning. She didn’t even have time to go home and change! She’ll run out the door, even in her heels, all ready to hit the road. She always seems to be in a rush. She won’t be able to answer your question. What are you talking about?

3. She’s lying to you about her phone

She has the iPhone, but she’s lying to you about who she’s talking to on it…the McDonald’s employee. And you’ll find out through texting and checking her phone bill. She has a whole lot of text conversations with him on it, and you’ll be surprised to see the contents of some of those messages.

4. She won’t tell you where she is

She’s all secretive about her whereabouts. She acts like she’s got a secret life separate from you. She won’t tell you where she goes after work or who she sees when she gets there. It’s almost like she doesn’t want you to know what she’s up to.

5. She’s dressing up for no reason

She’ll wear high heels, jeans, and a nice top even when she’s just going down the street. Like some kind of a secret agent or something! She’ll be wearing an oversized jacket and a big hat, even when it’s freezing outside. It’s almost like she has a mission, and she’s going to get it done.

6. She won’t tell you what her day is like

When you’re at work, she’ll always give you the same two reasons for not spending time with you. Either she’s too tired, or she’s hungover. She won’t tell you anything about her day.

7. She’s always upset

She can’t seem to be happy. Even when you take her out on a nice date or give her a gift, it doesn’t seem to matter. She’ll have a slight smile on her face, but it won’t reach her eyes. In fact, the smile won’t be genuine at all. It’ll look as though she’s forcing it. It will be a sad smile, even though you’ve been so good to her.

8. She smells like the secret sauce

You know that stuff they slather on Big Macs. You can’t stand the smell of it. Even when she’s not eating McDonald’s, she’ll smell like the sauce. It’s really strong, and you know it right away when you get closer to her. And it’ll happen out of nowhere.

9. She spends a lot of time around McDonald’s

You don’t know why and she doesn’t tell you. You just know that she spends a lot of her time hanging around there. Maybe it’s the owner; perhaps it’s the employee she’s cheating with…you don’t know. But you’ll catch her there now and then.

10. She’ll have McDonald’s food everywhere

She’ll have a big bag of McDonald’s in her purse, and she won’t tell you where it came from. You’ll notice a lot of fast-food wrappers and cups. You’ll even see evidence of food having been eaten in her car. Not everything will be in the bag, though. Sometimes she’ll eat it out of her car while she’s driving.

And there you have it. Ten signs that your girlfriend is cheating on you with a McDonald’s employee! Put these signs together, and you’ll know with certainty that something is wrong in your relationship. If you find out the old bag is cheating on you with a McDonald’s employee, the best thing you can do is find yourself someone working at Arby’s you can hook up with.


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